August 7, 2009

Shunning truly works . . .

at least for my kid. 

I discovered last night that it really seems to work.  But maybe that’s for only children who are used to all the attention from their parents.

Last night, MC didn’t get home until late from football practice (which is absolutely killing me!  I mean, really?  Who the hell practices until 8:00 pm?  Way past time to get ready for bed in my opinion!).  So dinner for MC didn’t happen until after 9:00.  At which time, I’m crawling up the stairs (because, yes, I’m getting old!).

As I’m crawling up, I croak out – don’t forget the kitchen and tomorrow is trash pick-up.  Thinking in the back of my mind – he’ll totally forget because he’s so wiped and HOW THE HELL will I deal with this tomorrow?  Because as a responsible mom (even though I know he’s wiped) I have to deal because otherwise what kind of adult will he become?  The kind that ends up on street corners?????

So, eventually, I pass out fall asleep. 

When I wake up, I stumble downstairs – desperately searching for coffee – because who the hell can manage the morning without the nectar of the gods? – and find . . .

a totally spotless kitchen.  And . . .

the trash has been taken out!

What kind of 4th dimension have I awoken to?

I gleefully take my coffee and paper (which I totally misread because I hadn’t had adequate amount of caffeine yet) out to the back porch.

After properly waking up – I empty the dishwasher and go about getting ready for “work.”

Later in the day I get a call from MC – who proceeds to ask me who emptied the dishwasher.  I replied that I had – and that if others do their part then other things can get done.

I do believe it has begun to sink in (crossing fingers; rapping on wood – whatever it takes!).

There is a GOD!



  1. Yey for you!! You got through to him! Whoohoo! Cause for celebration I think.
    I hope it lasts.
    I'm smiling for you.
    Chic Mama

  2. LOL! Yes, there is a God! Cyber high five to ya!

  3. I've tagged you in a tag of 8's, when I eventually publish it. Hope you don't mind. :0)