August 13, 2009


Okay - I'm NOT a techno-phobe. I enjoy jumping in - learning and embracing all kinds of new technology. But I just don't understand Twitter.

I mean, I understand the basic concept. I would like to join the Twittering world. I really would.

But. . .

Every time I go to join I get cold feet. Why, you ask? Because there is no information on their site. None. Just a join or log in button.

I'm one of those who prefers to know all the in's and out's before I jump.

Tonight I was prepared to take the leap. I really was. Then, I noticed a line that said something about, if you already have Twitter on your phone complete your set up here. WTH?

So then I wondered. If I don't already have Twitter on my phone - should I do that first?? And then, how the hell do you get Twitter on a Blackberry?? I haven't had it that long - so I don't know!

If I join before I get it on my phone - will I ever be able to get it synched and on my phone?

Yes, I know - this is dumb and I should just go for it. But there is NO information! How can I go forward without information?? If you've been with me through the whole Blackberry/HTC Ozone saga - then you already know how I can be. So I continue to agonize. . .

So anyone out there with some kind of info for me - please, please help a sister out!

Oh and while you are at it - could someone please tell me how to get those cute signatures at the end of the post without actually having to insert them every time!


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  1. I keep trying to do it GiGi an I just can't. I can not justify spending even one more moment attached to technology. I need to play with my kid and not think of witty blurbs. So, when I do give in and sign up someday, I want you to give me a lecture : ) Kapeesh?