August 30, 2009

My newest little pretties

I have been coveting these babies for a while now.  But because I am so cheap frugal I’ve been waiting for them to go on sale. 

Last week they were on sale and I was prepared to buy even if I still thought they were kinda high.  But they didn’t have my size. :-(

But that was fate – because this week they were on an even better sale!  So I was out the door like a shot this morning to a different location to find my pretties and bring home.


Aren’t they beautiful?

I don’t think the picture shows it clearly, but the heel is a red patent leather.  That was what really drew me to them.

Then, as luck would have it, I wandered into another store.  And what to my wandering eye did appear?  These beauties – on sale!

DSCN0013 Of course, I had to have them too.

I knew if I didn’t bring home both pair they would just languish in the store un-loved.  Unless of course some hideous person bought them and didn’t give them all the love they so richly deserve!

Luckily, hubby wasn’t home; so I was able get them settled into their new home without having to explain why I had to have them.

He just doesn’t understand that sometimes shoes actually talk to you and that you just can’t leave them at the store.

So here they are – safe in their new home.  Aren’t they lovely?


Don’t they look happier already?


  1. They ARE pretty awesome. Which ones to wear first . . .

  2. Wow! You have been busy. Another shoe lover like Fab in your forties I see.
    And a bargain too. All the better.

  3. Shoe lover wouldn't even begin to describe me. Shoes and I have a special relationship that no one can even begin to describe!

  4. Oh Gigi, I may have to take a pic of my closet one day to email would love it. There is absolutely nothing (material) that makes me happier than a pair of shoes.....! LOVE the red heel ones the most...I can't even believe you are able to wait for sales! ENJOY THEM!

  5. Liz - it is all I can do to wait for sales!! Believe me; if I totally unleashed hubby would REALLY kill me!! LOL

  6. Ah shoes!! Love that you have one "wear with anything pair" and one "I dont care what I wear them with but I have to have those shoes" pair! they're both fab! Actually... come to think of it.. I have quite a few of the second type.. oops!