August 25, 2009

Preparing Your Kids for the Real World

When I started this post it was so totally going to be about something else . . . but I couldn’t get it to work.  It was basically going to say – make sure you have a life outside of your children – because once they are gone what are you going to do?  But like I said it wouldn’t work and was total crap.  So I scrapped it and have decided instead to let you all in on how I'm preparing Man-Child for the real world.

Currently, I have a friend whose children can’t seem to do anything for themselves.  Mainly because their mother – with the best of intentions – has done and continues to do everything for them.  She just sent the one off to college (hence the thoughts for the other post) who can’t talk to people – like mom would order her food because she didn’t want to talk to the waitress.  She’s 18!  She’s gonna have trouble with the real world – that is my prediction.

I think it is really important to prepare your kids for life without you.  For this reason, my son does his own laundry; knows how to clean a bathroom properly (that doesn’t mean he actually does it all the time though); he’s learning how to iron; and, if I can get hubby to cooperate, will be learning how to cook and do the yard.  The problem here is hubby is too impatient and would rather just do it himself.  (Note to self: talk to hubby again).  I’m also seriously thinking about getting him a Student Checking account so he can learn how to manage his money.  (That girl in the paragraph above – just overdrew her account; she’s only been there two days!)

Yes, Man-Child complains.  A lot.  And loudly.  Informs me that none of his friends have to do their laundry and clean their bathrooms.  I have informed Man-Child that he will be the only one in college with clean underwear.  And that when he has a date the girl won’t be so grossed out by his bathroom that she may actually see him again.

It is my job to make sure that he is prepared to go out into the real world.  He will be leaving in only 3 short years.  I remember how I didn’t know anything when I left home.  I don’t want that for him.  I want him to go out confident in himself and his abilities.  If he can master these life-skills then he will surely be a success.  And my job will have been successfully completed.


  1. How long will it take you to get over here and sort out my life/children? What are your rates? Please..... ;0)
    I really admire you, although my children are independent in lots of ways, ie: I don't pack their kit bags/boarding bags/dance kit etc...they certainly seem to do no chores around the house. Although the three older ones did clean out our maggot infested rubbish bins....yuk yuk yuk for me tonight. I'm very grateful for them doing that.
    I need to get tougher!

  2. LOL! Send me a ticket and I'm on my way! Actually, I have to practically beat the kid to do these things; but at least he knows how to do them. When I left home I didn't. Poor hubby had pink undies for a while; I don't know how to cook even the simplest of things and I don't iron well. So I want him to know how to do these things. If hubby had his way he'd still be cutting m-c's meat for him!! But he'll let him swing an axe - go figure!