August 12, 2009


“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that the rest really comes from it.”  Dianna Vreeland

Really??  Is that all it takes?

I must try it then.  Because I certainly don’t feel elegant; or look elegant.

In fact, right now I feel downright frumpy, frizzy and fried.  Frumpy because I woke up late and had to just throw something on.  Frizzy – again because I woke up late – and because the weather is causing my hair to freak out.  And fried – well, I’m the mom of a teenage boy, I’m in the middle of trying to de-bug my laptop all while said boy is complaining and wondering why he can’t use the computer, because I’ve been running Mom’s taxi service late in the evening, the weather, because I woke up late, etc.

I mean seriously, how can you think elegant when you are in a pair of tired old pants and your hair is frizzed? 

When I think elegance – I think of smooth hair (which I’ve decided may never happen for me – at least in the summer), chic dresses and beautiful shoes.  Elegance means a spic and span home – not a house with dust bunnies the size of small dogs.  Elegance means not having to clean the house – somehow it just happens.  Elegance means not having to get up at dawn and go to work.  Elegance means cocktail hour – not having to run up and down the highway to deliver and pick up children.  Elegance means having it all together – something I definitely do not have!  Audrey Hepburn is the prime example of elegance.

Even “dressed down” she exuded class and elegance.

But according to the divine Ms. Vreeland if I think I’m elegant – then I must be elegant.  Hmmm. 

May have to try this.  But definitely on a day where I’m not so frazzled.



  1. Right!! You get your clothes out the night before.....
    You buy some special anti frizz spray that you can spray on your hair. That's a start. LOL. ;0)

    Thanks for ALL your comments on mine- I really appreciate it. :0)

    Plus I really like the cartoon- just what's happening in my house at the moment.

  2. Hmmm...I like Ms. Vreeland's thought...If I think it, I am. What a relief!