August 17, 2009

Men Can Cook

Oh yes, they most definitely can.  My hubby does all the cooking in our house.  In fact, he gets downright irate should he find me fumbling around in the kitchen.  I can’t cook.  I admit it.  I can bake like a crazy woman (no cracks please) – but I can’t cook.  I hate everything about it.

This is the second year hubby has participated in the Men Can Cook event.  All proceeds from this event go to our local Women’s Resource Center.  Their mission, as taken directly from their website:

Mission Statement

The mission of the WRC is to promote the self-reliance of women by assessing needs, providing services and acting as a gateway to community resources. In seeking solutions for unmet needs, the WRC provides strategic leadership through collaboration and partnerships within the community.
The Values of the Women’s Resource Center are:
* We believe that all people have dignity, worth, and potential:
therefore, we treat all people with respect and we honor their individuality and diversity.
*We believe in the ability of all women to grow into their own potential;
therefore, we provide the tools and the environment for women to use their intelligence and strength to create their solutions.
*We believe that we can change the world;
Therefore, we will act as change agents and advocates for an equal and just world.
*We believe in humor, fun, and celebration;
therefore, through our attitudes, actions, truths, and stories, we will model the importance of incorporating humor, creativity, fun, and celebration into our lives.

So the cause is a very worthy one as you can see.

Some of the participants have been doing this for years.  And it shows.  All participants are provided a table – and that’s pretty much it.  So some of these guys come in and decorate their area and really do it up right.  We, of course, are the last minute louies and don’t think to do all that – we just bring the food.  But, oh my, what yummy food!  Some guys just bring a dessert or an appetizer and some guys (like hubby) go all out.  This year he decided to make a penne pasta in a vodka cream sauce.  It was too die for.


Even the Man-Child was on hand (gasp!  5 whole hours stuck in an arena with us!  The horror.).  He even helped serve – but tended to get miffed if people passed us by.  Man-Child

The place was packed.  It’s amazing that even in this tough economy that people were willing to pay $40 a person to get in.

The Crowd The crowd

I don’t yet have the figures of how much was raised – but I’m sure it was quite a bit.

In our own small way, we are trying to make the world a better place and to teach our son to give back as much as he can and to help out where he can.  It’s an important lesson to impart.  And I do believe that our actions speak louder than words – and I think he has heard them.


  1. What a great idea and lucky you having a husband that can cook.

    Well done on the signature. :0)

  2. I'm jealous. I HATE to cook, but LOVE to bake, but I STILL do the cooking. Sigh...

  3. We learned early on in our marriage that it was probably safer if he did the cooking!! LOL. Plus he enjoys it for the most part and is really good at it. I, on the other hand, would be likely to poison someone . . .