August 14, 2009

So here we sit . . .

Hubby and I are struggling to stay awake. Why, you ask?

Because Man-Child had a scrimmage game today -- almost two hours away.

We were both fortunate enough that a friend of his was able to get him to the school at 2:30 pm. So that neither of us had to take off work early to get him there at 2:30 - when the game didn't start till 6:00! Anyway. . . I digress.

So here we are - struggling to stay awake because last year, under the same circumstances, we left him. (Why do I feel the need to link to that post? Particularly, when I wasn't even blogging back then? Yes, blogging is truly addictive.) Why, you ask, did we leave him?

Well, we didn't really. We just both fell asleep. Talk about embarassing. Particularly, since the same damn thing had happened the year before!! Do. Not. Judge!

We aren't bad parents - really. We both just get up really early and as a result tend to go to sleep fairly early.

So here we sit. Hubby is technically on duty tonight since I've been on duty all darn week. Picking the child up at the un-godly hour of 8:00 pm from practice. But I'm still up because I know if I go to sleep - hubby will fall asleep on the couch as usual; and then we'll be in the same place we were in for the last two years. Looking like the horrible parents that we really, truly aren't.

Oh joy, M-C just called - they aren't too far away and hubby has left to get him. So that means I am able to finally call it a night. At 10:00 pm. On a Friday night. Life has certainly changed since M-C has come along. The joys of parenting. Staying up late(?) when all you want to do is sleep. It's kinda like having an infant again -- in a totally different way.


  1. Scrimmage game? Did you say scrimmage? Yep, football season is upon us and I have two playing on separate fields this year. Thanks for the warning of the late nights.

  2. At least you're still sitting and awake. That means you are alive, and that is a good thing I'm sure!

  3. LOL My oldest was invited to a Birthday party that didn't end until 10pm. We set the alarm just incase we fell asleep! Oh how times have changed:)