October 16, 2009

And then, there was 25....

All of a sudden I have 25 followers.

Where did these people come from?

I started this just as a way to get this "stuff" (mostly drivel, I know) out of my head; never expecting people to find me.  To "friend" me.  But they have.

Yes, I realize that 25 isn't a lot compared to some bloggers.  But to me???  It's awesome!!!!

Especially because I wasn't expecting this.

It means that whatever drivel, crap, sh*% I have to say there are people out there who want to see it.

Why???  I don't know.  Half the time Hubby and Man-Child totally IGNORE what I have to say.  Maybe it's because they aren't as fascinated with shoes as I am.  I don't know, I don't judge.  They are family, I HAVE to love them.

You guys are awesome (I'd totally list/link you - but after yesterday, (and truthfully, today) I'm tired)!!  ::are you allowed to do parentheses inside of parentheses?  I don't care.  I'm tired.  And, it's my blog; so there!::

So, if you ever find yourself out this way, let me know.  Maybe I'll meet you during your layover (because, really??  As much as I love this place to raise a family - not so much to visit.  Ok, I guess the local tourism board won't be contacting me anytime soon...)

Why can't I reach some of your blogs though??  That is my big question.  I click on your profile and all I see is the sites you've joined (which can be quite interesting; let me tell you!)  But can't see YOUR link.  Which drives me mad; because I try very hard to check in on everyone who is following/friending me.  (YES!  Friending is a word.  Why?  Because I said so!  I mean really, if you are taking the time to see what kind of drivel, crap, sh*% (ahem) STUFF I have to say; then by all means, I need to see what you have to say. ::again with the double parentheses?  You'd think I didn't do so well in English/Language!  Which, by the way, I TOTALLY did!::  (But sometimes you have to break the rules to get your point across!)  :: great!  more damn parentheses!  How do you get away from them?::  ::Conclusion...you can't!::

Anyway .... (as usual, I digress...) thank you for being there.  Because, believe it or not, that external validation means something.  ::ooooo - very creepy statement!::  Who would have thought that virtual "friends" could have meant so much in such a short time?  ::okay, that statement made it sound like I have absolutely NO life outside of you guys!  Which (no offense) is soooo not true!!::  But, truly??  I love you all.::

Thank you all.  I bow to you.  If you weren't totally awesome I probably would have given this up by now.


  1. Your too funny! Glad that I am following/friending you!

  2. Gigi, most people love REALITY and this is what your blog is. You dare share what's really going on in that head of yours. The other people? Well, you're funny, crazy, and we can probably relate to some part of your rambling thoughts (lol).

  3. Congratulations on having 25 followers! Good for you Gigi. :)

  4. As a recent follower can I say that your blog isn't drivel its just funny.

  5. Congratulations! You deserve those followers. I think, and I've wondered myself, that when there is no link on a follower it is because they don't have a blog. Although I have often had to get to a follower through their comment on someone else's blog. So scrap that! Sorry, I'm waffling....slightly hungover this morning.

  6. Awww thanks you guys! Thanks for commenting BNM - now I know where to find you!

    Chic - hungover, eh? What did you do last night??

  7. Yeah you! Every new invisible friend is exciting right! Can't wait for your post about your 100th follower:)

  8. Yay! Happy to be here...Hey, wasn't I your "first"? oooooh, the honor!

  9. Hey Liz! Too bad I can't afford to award you with a pair of Jimmy Choos for being my first...!

  10. By the way, I LOVE those black boot-shoes! They are beautiful!

    And if I'm ever out your way (where is that?) I will surely call!