October 19, 2009

He owes me!

First, he eats what was supposed to be my lunch.  A lunch that I was really looking forward to.  Leftovers from lunch out yesterday.  A California burrito.  Yum. 

Then, upon arriving at work (a full 30 minutes, at least, away from his school) I receive a text. 

I kno its asking a lot but could you swing by the house and bring me my practice gear?

(Yes, I realize the word know is spelled incorrectly – I am quoting him here).

I realize this is where that tough love that I always advocate should come into play.  You know, where if you don’t take care of your responsibilities then you should suffer the consequences.  I know this.

But, I also know that the repercussions on this is kinda big.  If he can’t dress out for practice, then he can’t practice.  If he doesn’t practice he won’t get as much playing time on Thursday.  And it’s a BIG game.  And we only have a couple more games.

So with much planning, darling hubby will be swinging by the house at some point this morning; grabbing said gear and dropping it off here.  Whereupon I will then use my California burrito-less lunch hour to take said gear to Man-Child.  Instead of using said burrito-less lunch hour to go buy the requested white thermals since his coach insists on white long sleeves, rather than the blue that he had for the last game.  Yes, I realize it’s a uniform and supposed to match or whatever.  But blue IS the main color of their uniform.  ::sigh::

He is going to owe me big time for this one.  Two disruptions in my day?  Big time.


  1. Ya know, I can understand if he forgot ALL THE TIME, but I'm glad you are taking care of this for him. Hell, I'm 45 with four kids, and you would think I would know better than to forget to sign a report card, or make sure theh little one has her back pack, or to grab my coffee off the counter before I leave in the morning, but alas, I have forgotton those things a time or two, or 10. LOL

    Good for you for taking care of him!

  2. Actually, 80% of the time I cave and bring him whatever he forgets. Yes, I'm full of hot air. And this is the first time in the past two years (since he's been at this school) that he's asked me to bring him something.

  3. Aren't all of us mums full of the 'tough love' talk? But honestly, when it comes down to it, we all give in to them, don't we? Please, it can't only be you & I Gigi, maybe we need help!