October 30, 2009

PLEASE quit talking to me!! And wonderful news (at least for me)

Really?!  Truly, I love my hubby.  I really, really do.  But why does he insist on talking to me when I have something I want to say to y'all??

He's fabulous, he's smart, he's interesting.  But I had another conversation going on in my head.  ::sigh:: Such is the life of a married woman I suppose.

So......finally!  I can talk to you.  BUT....be warned, this is a bragging post!  (I know, I hate those mom's that brag on their kids all the time, like they are perfect or something [which really?  how many kids do you know that are perfect?].  But for this house this is big.)


For the past week I have been going crazy because I have not been able to access Man-Child's grades online (which is a FABULOUS ability and I wish every school had this option); because they were updating the system with the end of quarter grades.

From what I could tell up to this point Man-Child had been doing really well.  So this evening, FINALLY, I was able to access the grades.  M-C did excellent!!!!  At least in my eyes.

Our problem with M-C has been (at least since 5th grade) was getting the homework done and turned in.  He would ace the tests, etc.  But has had a major problem with getting the homework in, the projects turned in on time, etc.  Needless to say, this would cause his grades (despite the good test grades) to plummet.

This has been a HUGE problem.  Which absolutely has driven me crazy.  Apparently, it's more of a "boy thing" because everyone I've talked to with girls don't seem to have this problem.  And, as a girl, I just don't understand it.

But tonight, after I was finally able to log in to the system and see his final grades for the quarter I was ESTATIC.  He did very well; especially considering it is football season and his evenings are eaten up with practice and games.  In the whole quarter he has only missed three homework assignments (which as far as I can surmise were when he was out sick; so he was either too lazy to make them up or they wouldn't accept late assignments - which is the practice of some teachers).!!!  You have no idea how huge this is for us!

So, after posting this and doing a major happy dance, I am off to give M-C a huge kiss & hug (whether he wants it or not!) and tell him how fabulous he is!!


  1. Ahhhh, great news. Makes life so much easier doesn't it. I hope he enjoyed that hug! :0)

  2. You have every right to be proud.... and brag about it! when our kids do well it's the best feeling in the world! I was thrilled when SC's teacher told us she seems to love numbers and has a good grasp already. Thrilled because she's doing well but more so because I hope it means she has her dad's mathematical brain!