October 22, 2009


Please bear with me as I tweak things.  I think I like the new look and hope you all do as well (hope this one doesn’t hurt your eyes Bina!).
Still have to figure out what that crazy little block up in the corner is and how to fix it or get rid of it….
Need to get my awards re-posted.  Along with who was cool enough to bestow them in the first place.
Oh, and I have my “real” job to do as well.
But the cool thing is – I didn’t lose my Friends list or my Blogs I Read list – these were the two things I fretted over the most (well, that and finding a template!).
This whole HTML thing can be pretty tricky; so I’m pretty proud of myself for not making the whole thing explode.
So anyway, other than the obvious fixes that still need to be made; is this a keeper or not?  Be honest!

**UPDATE**  Just been informed that no one could comment on the updated template!  ARRRRGGHH!  Since we've got a game tonight I won't have time to deal with it so I've reverted to old one for now.  In the meantime send your good vibes our way we NEED to win this game!  It's our "rival" and most of our kids have been sick!  So we need all the help we can get!!


  1. Nope, I couldn't comment on the last two posts either, but I loved the template. And I swear to God, my husband is the ONLY one who uses toe nail clippers and he can NEVER find them! I mean, why ask me if I don't use them? GEEZ!

    Good luck tonight!

  2. Oh now you're just confusing me! I popped in earlier, saw your new template, got busy doing other stuff and I've just come back to comment on the 'new' template'...and..well...its gone. Hope the game went well!