October 27, 2009

I'm a baaaaadddd mom!

And I wanted "them" (whoever "they" may be) to give a prescription pad so I could give my child antibiotics whenever I thought he needed them!  I must be crazy.

After our little trip to the walk-in clinic the doc told me to give him the Z-pack, Actifed and Mucinex.  He mentioned that you could get MucinexDM, but since I had the Actifed already I wouldn't need that.  ::sigh::

So immediately after our visit, I trundled off to the pharmacy.  I bought various things including nail polish, foundation, his Z-pack and MucinexDM.

And I proceeded to dope my child up.  To the freakin' hilt.

I had him taking three of the MucinexDM and three Actifed a day.  At least until Monday.  Then I realized, hmmmm - the MucinexDM is only needed twice a day.  Okay.   Fine.  Dropped his dosage.  It had only been a day....how much damage could that incur??

This morning, after feeding the kid another MucinexDM, dropping him off at school and instructing him to take another Actifed along with his Z-pack, I began to feel kinda cloggy.  So, I fished out the MucinexDM bottle.  And noticed that it was MUCINEXDM!!!!!!

This means that I have been overdosing my kid on decongestants BIG TIME!! 

As a side note, the MucinexDM worked fine for me - although I might need another dose before bed.

So, when Man-Child came home I informed him that he shouldn't take any more Actifed as I have been overdosing him.  I then asked him if he'd been feeling strange or had any unusal tics.  The smart-ass then fell to the floor and began shaking all over.  Yeah, funny.  He knows how to push that guilt button really hard!

Hmmmm, he seems fine.  Hopefully, there will be no lasting damage.  Apparently his funny bone still works fine-but the guilt I have may live on forever!  Particularly since I am posting this for all to see and judge. 

What can I say?  Being a parent is hard and reading the fine print??  Well, sometimes that comes a day or two later.....


  1. He's still alive isn't he? Oh well......at least he's not a baby. I'm sure he'll be fine. :0)

  2. There was just a commercial on for MucinexDM! And yes, I'm sure he's fine. :)