October 22, 2009

Well, it didn't work

I tried sooooo hard on that new template!!  I thought I had it licked, I really did.  Apparently, I didn't.

But, being one not to give up easily, I will continue to work on it tomorrow.  Because I'm tenacious like that.  Or as hubby so eloquently puts it, I'm a pitbull with lipstick (and fabulous shoes!  That's my addition to his quote, if you didn't pick up on it).

I am disappointed it didn't work the first time out but....try, try again is my motto.  So eventually there will be a new background (that won't hurt Bina's eyes and isn't so girly; because despite what you may have heard, I'm not really that girly!)

After tonight's game, I have a feeling I won't be able to talk all that well - bonus for y'all; since that means my only means of communication will be typing!!  Since I probably won't be able to unload on unwitting co-workers - that just means more of me for y'all (don't you feel special?).

So anyway, I apologize for any confusion my "transformation" caused.  I was certainly beginning to wonder why there were NO comments at all on the new look.  I was beginning to feel unloved and unwanted.  Thanks to Jody for pointing out the problems!  Otherwise, I'd still be out here feeling unwanted and unloved and posting into cyber-space all by my lonely self.


  1. Gah! Sorry the new template didn't work! I wasn't around to see what it looked like but I'm sure it was lovely. Hopefully you're able to find something you like that also works.

  2. I was going to email and tell you I couldn't comment, but I couldn't find your email address on your profile.

    So how did the game go? And I wonder why a template won't let people post comments? Or are you designing it yourself? I wonder how many questions I can ask in a row? Can you talk this morning? LOL

  3. Designing it myself?? Ha-ha-ha! No, I'm not that technological! I have figured out the comment thing-Hooray! Now to figure out that box. It's supposed to have a date in it.....

  4. GREAT new look!! Not seen this one before. Snap, I've changed too....
    Yes, I've noticed some templates don't like embedded comments etc...

  5. YAY!!!!!! I can comment :)

    *wonders what a badhobar is since it is my word verification word....