October 24, 2009

So....I "Googled" Myself....

And I come out FIRST in a gigisramblings search.  Huh.  Who would have thunk it?

(Of course, I bet if you googled all sorts of random ramblings you would have come up with all kinds of stuff.)

But every time I've googled myself before (no judging; you know you've done it!!!)  I never even appear on google!

So this means I'm FAMOUS!  This means I must shop for a fabulous dress and even more fabulous shoes!!!  I must be ready for my red carpet moment at the drop of a hat!!!

Because the paparazzi is hiding around every corner!  And I simply must NOT let them catch me in my pink thermal long johns, with wet hair and glasses!!  Heaven forbid!

Look out Angelina Jolie!  I'm hot on your trail!!


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