October 13, 2009

It is so funny to listen to Man-Child these days.  In so many ways, he's growing up.  And in so many ways he's still the sweet, little guy.

Tonight, he asked me to read an essay he wrote in English (still the little guy, seeking approval and yet, the man he's becoming, willing to share).  The essay was well-written (despite the spelling errors - pox on you SpellCheck you are ruining society!).

I told him so.  He then took a big drink of milk and went "aaaahhhh."  Just like when he was little.  He couldn't understand my amusement.  But when he was tiny he did that every time he took a drink.  I found it completely hilarious.

It's amazing to me that although this child is growing into a wonderful man, I can still see glimpses of the little guy he used to be.

My little guy was absolutely amazing to me (as is the Man-Child).  I was absolutely fascinated, frustrated and amazed at this little person.  He was so strong-willed (as am I; wonder where he gets it from), so determined, so there (as is Man-Child)!  I always said (when he was small) that he had fabulous traits for a grown-up.  And he has.  Those same traits that frustrated me to no end when he was small are still there; and perfect for the adult he is becoming.

The problem for me now is the tranistioning.  He is no longer my sweet, chubby little guy.  He's almost a man.  And it's bittersweet.  Because although I'm losing my baby; I am gaining a wonderful young man.  One who is honest, sweet, loyal to a fault and utterly amazing (at least to me). 

We are entering the turbulent years.  The dreaded teens.  But I have enjoyed him so very much and have loved watching him grow; that I can't help but think these years are also going to be filled with joy (and frustration) - much like the early years were.

I totally miss my little guy; but am totally loving who the Man-Child is becoming.

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  1. Lovely post.
    I've tagged you over at mine, but I can already see one thing you're proud of!