October 14, 2009

Really, really random ramblings . . .

So I promised Allie at Hyperbole And A Half that I would write about a Mandatory Sex Party (well, I didn't actually promise her to her face or to her blog; I did it all in my head.  Ok, if you are going to nitpick, I'll go tell her I promised her and let her know that I totally followed through on the promise I gave her; in my head).  The basic premise is she wrote a post with the words mandatory sex party (it's sooooo not what you think!).  Then she googled the words mandatory sex party and the only thing that came up was her blog.  So then she got the idea that if we (followers, bloggers, tweeters, etc) got on board and peppered the internet with the words mandatory sex party then the whole world would google it and find us.  So that, my friends is why I am writing about mandatory sex party, because I promised Allie that I would.  So, if you haven't met Allie yet; go meet her.  She's hilarious; in my opinion (and we all know how much my opinion is worth!)

In other news, I was reading a magazine today and came across this article on Christine Aguilera.  I didn't actually read the article but from scanning the pictures I've surmised that it was about her house.  Which was nice, but not really my style at all.  BUT, she does have this - and I want it!!!  Desperately!!!

Yes!  It is what you think it is.  A Wall of Shoes!  So, if I can convince hubby to switch closets and convince him to build it, I could have a mini-wall.  I need some support here folks, I absolutely must have a shoe wall of my own.  Send letters of support or whatever you think would work.   I have to have it.  According to the picture caption, she groups her shoes by designer.  I would group mine by style.  See, I have a plan!

Also, hubby is trying his best to make me fat.  Why?  I don't know.  But I am soooo onto him.  Last night he made Man-Child this FABULOUS sandwich to go with his soup.  Man-Child didn't eat the sandwich; but hubby left it out taunting me.  I took one bite.  (I generally don't eat dinner, fyi)  I was hooked, I ate the whole damn thing!! Talk about guilt.  Tonight, I have no idea what he's making; but before he left he sauteed some mushrooms and onions.  I love sauteed mushrooms.  Again, he left them out to taunt me.  (Yes, I took a few!)  I'm this close to my goal weight.  Why is he doing this to me??

And last but not least, Man-Child has a game tomorrow.  It's over an hour away.  So please put your collective gifts together and lets get this team a win.  They really need one.  And while you are at it, please make it warmer and quit raining - I really don't want to sit out in the rain and cold.  Come on people, it's the least you can do for me.  I mean really, I introduced you to Allie and mandatory sex parties.  You owe me this much!


  1. Gigi, this is awesome! Thank you!

    We are going to change the world. I seriously can't wait to see what comes of this... whatever it is, it will be interesting!

  2. mandatory sex party...there, I said it! I have'nt checked out Allies site yet but will pop over after leaving this comment. I love the wall of shoes...but hate the pink colour. I definitely think hubby should give up his closet & give it over to your 'shoe' wall, just not the pink...sorry if you love pink!

  3. Not crazy about the pink - her whole house seems to be pink or red. I just want the wall.

  4. apparently Hubby wants some more 'cushion for the pushin' ??

  5. were you referring to #8, or #7?


  6. Blasé - #7 of course. I hav no idea about #8! I may have to resort to google.

  7. You know what I love most about the picture of shoes? The boy in his diaper who has dragged a lot of the shoes on to the floor! I LOVE that! It seems so "normal", ya know?

    Mandatory sex party, huh? I'll have to try that. I wonder if it will bring more people to MY blog! Or what if we just do a blog that says, "SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX" a million times! LOL

    I don't eat dinner either. I'm never hungry, and if I DO eat, I can't sleep.

  8. Hehe.....what a great idea, The Mandatory Sex party bit!!

    Oh yes, you need a shoe wall......go on!!

    Nothing worse than being tempted, every day, by good food. How cruel of him. I think he should build you a shoe wall to apologise.;0)