October 7, 2009

Why does hubby say I have blonde roots?

I have brown hair. But hubby insists that I have blonde roots. I really don’t see it but here are a few of the instances he has given in support of this absurd notion:

  • I left the car running during dinner out one night and completely freaked out when I couldn't find my keys. Imagine my chagrin when they were found in the ignition – with the car running. Luckily the car was unlocked. No, I was not drinking.
  • I once told him that he needed to take me to the hospital because I was positive I was having a stroke. Why? Because I couldn't see clearly out of one of my eyes. Turned out, I neglected to take out a contact and then put my glasses on. This does tend to blur the vision (again not drinking).
  • I watched him walk out the back door and then screamed like a crazy woman when he came back in because I wasn't used to seeing any one use that door and figured he was an axe murderer. (not drinking)
  • I once told him I was pregnant; but had read the results wrong. The next time I told him I was pregnant he asked to read the results for himself. (definitely not drinking)
Hmmm, after re-reading these a pattern is beginning to emerge – I think it must be the not-drinking that causes these episodes. Quick! Somebody pour me a glass of wine! LOL.

I’m sure these things could happen to anybody. They are just minor details. I’m not a ditz, really. I am a smart, organized woman who has her “moments”. Really. 
So why am I sharing – This is finally my 100th post! To see my most recent ditzy moment read here.


  1. You too funny!! Congrat's on 100!! I am glad that you figured out that blogger counts drafts...I went back and deleted all mine!! I think you deserve that glass of wine now!

  2. hahahahaha very funny! I once left the car in the driveway with the drivers door wide open and the keys in the ignition. Luckily we live in the country!

  3. Heyyyyyyyy...clever way to connect the REAL 100th post with the fake one! And by the way, I AM blonde...so I could have taken insult to this, but really...I do things like this ALL THE TIME, so...thanks for giving me a giggle so early in my morning!

  4. Oh thank you so much for making me giggle. You're so lucky the car was still there!