October 11, 2009

Gigi's Laundry Rules

Okay - you all know how much I hate laundry.  It stinks.  It's a never ending cycle.  I almost hate to see the empty laundry basket because you just know as soon as you turn your back it will be full again!!  Even though I mainly only do it for two.  Ever since I found a nicely folded stack of clothes in the dirty hamper (thanks, M-C!).  That quickly earned him the ability to do his own, since he was too freakin' lazy to put them away!

So here are my rules:

Empty the pockets.  If you don't - oh well.  Because I'm damn sure not checking them for you.  You are lucky if I even bother to sort them!  (yes, hubby has been known to wear pink underwear because of this!)

And woe is you if your pen leaks all over my clothes!!

If you can't take it off right side out - not my problem.  If it gets folded or hung, it will get folded or hung inside out.

You can't be bothered to pre-treat (even though I've asked you to do so a million times!) then I can't be expected to remember what shirt/pant/etc. needs to be pre-treated either.

If it needs to be ironed - you are SO on your own.  I hate ironing more than I hate doing laundry.

And the number one item on Gigi's list - IF YOU COMPLAIN, IT BECOMES YOUR JOB!

End of story.

So, needless to say, we are a bunch of wrinkled, stained and pink slobs around here.


  1. Haha! That made me laugh so much! This sounds just like my home, well, apart from the fact I STILL do ALL the laundry. How on earth did you get M-C to actually do his own laundry? Good for you! Please do tell. Its one thing to tell them they have to do it, quite another to GET them to do it. Like you, I too, HATE ironing! I just don't do it. There is a much underated art of hanging & folding to eliminate the need for ironing. Either that or my rose-coloured spectacles are not seeing all of us walking around much like you, creased & wrinkled! Great post..x

  2. Ha! I got him to do it by showing him once; and then absolutely refusing to do it again. Eventually, when he got interested in girls he got interested in making sure he was wearing clean clothes!!! Yes, I am a MEAN MOM! He's even learned how to iron, kind of. Bwaahhaaa! And that, my friends, is how to force your children to do laundry. Granted, it gets done rarely, but occasionally it gets done.

  3. I have to say- you rock:) Great rules, I dont check pockets either, and dont you love it when you find $$ in the bottom of the machine? Its like actually getting paid!

  4. Of course it's getting paid! If they can't check their pockets, it's yours!! Free and clear! That's what my mom always said and it works for me!

  5. I guess I'm fortunate my fiancée actually does laundry a lot of the time! :) Laundry is awful, I agree!

  6. LOL! Girl, you need to be paid for your writing.

  7. Momsweb - you are too funny! If you know anyone willing to fork over the dough for this stuff; let me know!