October 9, 2009

Great. ..just freakin' great

Apparently, there is a mouse in the house. . .

I came downstairs after showering. Was walking toward the kitchen. And something small & fast streaked across the floor. I screamed (naturally - what would you do??). Hubby said - what was that? I said I think we have a mouse and ran toward the living room and straight up onto the hearth. Mice can't jump; can they? If they can don't tell me!  My brave and darling Man-Child went bravely toward the kitchen - jumped back and said "Oh crap!" Might have said something a little stronger; can't remember through the trauma. Hubby grabbed his shoes (what??) and went toward the area. He couldn't seem to find anything. But I know what I saw and M-C knows what he saw.

Seriously.  I am completely wigged out!  Just sent hubby out in the middle of the night (ok so it's only 7:45 pm) to get a trap of some sort.  Since he claims he can't "catch" it on his own.  Apparently, they are too fast for men humans to catch.

Great.  How am I supposed to sleep tonight knowing that there is a critter loose?  In my freakin' house!!!

Yes, I realize that we live on what used to be farmland and has been undeveloped for years.  Yes, I realize that building our house has displaced said critters.  Yes, I realize we have undeveloped areas behind us.  But seriously?  IN MY HOUSE????????

I cannot deal.  Seriously, I cannot deal. 

Anybody in the market for a house?  I know one that might be up for sale very soon!


  1. feel for you, at the end of last year, it became obvious we had a mouse in the house. I thought "great!" can't deal with this on top of everything else. A couple of nights I was alone in the kitchen just moving slowly when the mouse was scuttling around. Then one brave night son no 2 and I tried to chase it, I'm not brave person at all but there is no one else! We tried throwing a tea towel over it. What we were going to do then I've no idea. It was too quick though, disappeared under the stairs then. I got the gardeners to put poison everywhere. No problem since. BUT! Then we had RATs!! In the cellar- gulp! Wanted to move too. Sorted out know but I can't bear it.
    Good luck. x

  2. Sorry, that was supposed to be sorted out NOW! I'm tired, and its 9am!!

  3. We had mice, my ex hubby and I, in our first flat with a garden. It backed on to lots of open land. We got a cat, and yes, honestly it worked. There is a slight problem with the fact that the cat tends to bring them to you, as gifts (including baby ones) but it is better than trying to chase them round yourself, let the cat do it!

  4. "there is a slight problem with the fact that the cat tends to bring them to you..." ::shudder:: I think that might even be worse! Hubby and M-C have both informed me that the visitor was dealt with - no details, thank God. And have both assured me that none of his friends and family have come to visit either. I hope they're right.

  5. I too have a problem with the cat bringing things. A big reason I could never get a cat, a half dead rodent would be worse to me. When our dog was a puppy he kept bringing in bits of rabbits! Once a head and another time a rat that was wafer thin- I think it had been run over many times. I don't know now how I persevered with the dog because I hate things like that.

  6. Ewww...time for some traps for sure!!