October 21, 2009

Really, Hubby??? Do I look stupid to you?

Ask a man to do one little thing!!  Honestly.

All I asked was for him to hang a set of blinds.  So, that I could blog without the sun scorching the eyeballs out of my head.  Really, is that too much to ask?  It would have taken 15 minutes; tops.

Would you like to hear the litnany of excuses I received?  In a very aggrieved tone I might add.

I'm in the middle of cooking dinner (oh really?  Hmmm, seems to me all the prep work has already been done and it's in the oven.....)

I have to pick up Man-Child (hmmm, at the time you still had 45 minutes before you had to leave....)

I need to clean the kitchen (odd; that's Man-Child's job)

And .....


Give me a break.  I said fine, whatever and walked away.  TWO MINUTES LATER, I notice him sitting in the living room watching tv!!!  Are you freakin' kiddin' me??

Apparently, I'm only allowed to ask for things to be done on the weekend WHEN there isn't a game on.

Now generally, when Hubby asks me to do something for him (unless it's before I've had my coffee) I try to do it then.  Why?  Because I'm considerate that way (and I don't want to forget about it ten minutes later).

He does this all the time.  Drives me absolutely bananas.

Whenever I ask for something he acts like he is THE only person in the house who does ANYTHING.  Please.  He cooks.  Yes, for this I am eternally grateful (but that is only because he likes to eat and not be poisoned).  He helps out around the house - yes, I'm grateful for this too.  But come on, who does the bulk of the housework?  The cleaning, the driving MC around, the never-ending, freakin' LAUNDRY??????????

::inhale::: ::exhale::  Must stay calm and not get all stabby on him. 


  1. Oh, he don't sound all that bad.

    I'd like to meet him and sit back and watch a ball-game with him at y'all's house. I think it would be great if you would bring us a beer...

  2. Blasé - he's not ALL bad! It's just the little things ya know?? You are sooooo welcome to sit back and watch a game with him - but in this house? You get your own damn beer.... just sayin'!

  3. I hate that. I think women are wired in that way-> when I ask for something to be done, usually I mean "right now." Not, later- as in, someday...I love it (sarcasm) when I ask him to do something, while he's sitting and watching a show that I KNOW for a fact he's seen before, and he looks at me like I have two heads... I feel you pain, girl.

  4. Do we need to hide the pointy things?

    Well known fact, men can't multitask - I mean if it was you or me we'd watch tv and do something else (not that likely to get to watch tv though -unless its kids tv!!)