October 21, 2009


Well, I was all set to rant on and on about how Blogger seems to be losing my comments on my own blog when suddenly; they've appeared.  Out of nowhere!


Apparently some of the comments I've made on other sites just never made it to their proper destinations.  WTH??  Does Blogger think that I have the time (or the patience) to re-post to every blog I've commented on?  Not hardly.  Soooooo, if you haven't heard from me recently; IT'S NOT MY FAULT!  Really!  I've left many comments.  Are you seeing them?  Who the hell knows?  Because I'm not.

Anyway, another WTH moment at Gigi's house happened this morning. 

Over freakin' toenail clippers (sexy, no? Yes, that's the way we roll over here).

Every pair of clippers we have/had in this house are gone.  Where?  Who knows.  They are probably having a grand old time with all the socks that have gone missing. 

Do you know who I suspect is the culprit?


Yes, that's right.  Though many of you think he is such a sweet, innocent thing.  I know better.  I'm convinced he's in the black market selling clippers.

Every single time he asks me for clippers and I find them for him - they mysteriously disappear.  Explain that!

If we had stock in all the companies we have bought clippers from we would be rich I tell you!  Rich!!

I distinctly recall handing him the last pair and telling him, "Put them back; because every time I give you a pair of clippers they go missing."  His response?  No, they don't.

If that was the case then why are there no clippers to be found in this house?  Hubby was asking about them this morning.  And you all know when hubby asks me to for something, I generally do it asap because that's the kind of person I am!

Man-Child was asked what he had done with them.  The response??  I don't have them.  Well then, who the hell does!!!

And speaking of which, where have all my teaspoons gone.......

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  1. If this is the case then Man-Child is teleporting himself to our house because I have no idea where are any of our toenail clipper are!