October 20, 2009

Why is it??

Why is it that Man-Child asks me to help him study Spanish; knowing I don’t speak a word of it other than si (and knowing that his father has a marginally better grasp on it than I do)?  I think he just likes to hear me mangle the words.  And lord it over me.

Why is that when you are told not to touch something (like your hair when you’ve got dye in it!) that it immediately begins to itch uncontrollably?

Why is it that people are such complete assholes jerks when driving?  Where is the common courtesy people?  I’ve had my blinker on forever!  And, guess what?  You not letting me in only gets you one car ahead of me!!  And generally??  I’ll get ahead of you anyway . . . just to prove my point!  Because yes, I can be that petty!

Why is that hubby continually questions me about the pink streak?  I tell him because I like it.  I ask if he doesn’t and he shrugs and says it’s none of his business.  So why keep asking me??  (Maybe if I tell him it’s in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month….by the way, go check those ta-ta’s ladies!).

Why is that people absolutely insist on talking on their cell phones/bluetooth’s (which makes you look ridiculous, by the way) when they are trying to complete a transaction with a human?  Such as checking out or ordering something?  Again with the common courtesy.  I have informed Man-Child, on many occasions, of the dire circumstances he will find himself in if I ever catch him acting in this manner.  I think he understands.

Why is it that those damn sheets continue to pop off the bed???  Yes, I’ve asked this before, but I’m still looking for an answer.  (Thanks, Bina, I checked out that video.  I fold sheets almost the same way, but I’m going to try that little extra angle to see if that helps me out!)

Why is it that Man-Child and Hubby look at me in horror whenever I am doing some kind of beauty treatment?  Do I look at them in horror when they are screaming, idiotically at the game on the tv?  (well, yes, I actually do.  And then remind them it’s only a game.  So, I guess it’s only fair.  But barely!)

Oh my, this is fun!  I could do this all night.  But, since I have to get up in the morning and running the risk of boring you guys all night; I’ll stop here.


  1. So with you on the talking on the cellphone thing... its so rude!! If they think it makes them look REALLY important they are sadly mistaken... try ignorant! Why is such a great word... as Small Child is discovering each and every day! x

  2. LOL Love your Why Is Its!
    The people on the bluetooths while ordering coffee or at the check out make me CRINGE!!!

  3. The thing about touching things when you are told NOT to? I can completely understand why toddlers do this. I mean, I do it all the time! It's like it uncontrollable! If a sign says, "Do not touch" or "Wet Paint" or something, I HAVE TO TOUCH IT!!! I just can't help myself.