October 16, 2009

The Post I WAS going to write last night….

Before BellSouth/AT&T decided to play games with me late last night.  ::inhale.  exhale::  (letting it go now).


Last night Man-Child had a football game (that was over an hour away I might add) and hubby ditched me (that’s another story completely).  So I bundled up and headed out.  As an aside, if you want to stay warm at a football game the attire that seems to work is to first put on your thermal long johns (yes, tres chic, I know), pull on a pair of jeans (which will need to be a little large to get over the long johns), a heavy sweatshirt over the top of said long johns.  A coat and gloves.  What I neglected was my poor toes.  Next time, at least two pair of socks oh, and something to sit on so my butt doesn’t get frozen from the aluminum benches. 

Anyway….our jv team is not doing so well this year – lets just leave it at that.  But, that being said, does it then give the parents and other onlookers to be total slackers during the game?  Come on folks – cheer for the kids (even if yours doesn’t happen to be playing).  Boys on the sidelines – really?  Even you can’t be bothered to cheer for your team mates?  The season is almost over (only two or three more games) and I am thoroughly disgusted with these people.

Last year, win or lose, the parents stood at the edge of the field (forming a tunnel for the kids to come through) and cheered those boys – who played their hearts out.  I know it meant something to them.  This year it seems like everyone is like “oh well the games over; lets collect the kids and go.”  So last week, after the game, I stood at the edge of the field and began clapping.  Finally, some of the dimwits got it and began clapping with me.  Last night, I did it again.  Only one other person joined in.  Yes, it was late, cold and drizzly.  Yes, we still had over an hour to drive to get back to the school to wait for our kids.  But come on!

As Man-Child and I were talking in the car on the way home, he informed me of the divisiveness going on with the team.  Apparently, at least one (maybe more) actually “trash talks” his own team mates!  (This is the kid who, last year took his helmet and hit one of his team mate on or about the head with it!  Really lovely child and he’s how old?  15?  Acts more like a 3 year old).  He causes and starts arguments while in the huddle on the field!  Hmmm, and they wonder what is wrong with this team?  I asked Man-Child if the coach knew about this.  He said no.  I told him that he had to let the coach know – because this behavior must be stopped; that is detrimental to the team, it’s unsportsmanlike and is not appropriate at all.  Man-Child agreed and is supposed to talk to his coach.

Man-Child then went on to tell me that he REMEMBERED WHAT I HAD SAID TO HIM ONE TIME!  (Yes, utterly amazing, I know!  This is why you must continue to yammer at your kids all the time.  Occasionally, something sinks in!)  He told his team mates “Even if you don’t like each other, you have to get over it and work together.  When the season is over you don’t have to talk ever again.”  Yes, I was proud.  He actually listened to his mother (at least once!) and I have proof!  Of course, it didn’t sink in to those other kids.  Hmmm, maybe I should yammer at them….think the coach would let me?

So even though we lost, I am so proud of those boys (yes, even the ones who aren’t mine – except for that one kid).  Because despite the lack of enthusiasm from the majority; most of those boys soldiered on and played their hardest.  And because those boys (the majority of them) play with integrity and honor.  So win or lose, they have every right to be cheered on and to walk off that field with their heads held high.


  1. It's so great to know they do listen, sometimes! LOL

    I feel bad for the team. I don't care if they have never won a game, it doesn't matter. CHEER FOR YOUR TEAM! I LOVED when my son played football. There was a group of us that were always cheering, singing, laughing, clapping, having a great time. And yes Gigi, I did learn to take a pillow to sit on cause those freaking bleachers are COLD!!!!!

  2. What a shame. I bet if the team were doing really well the parents attitudes would be different. Don't they realise that the boys ego's need a boost?
    I bet your son appreciates you travelling all that way to watch him. x