October 21, 2009

It starts with baby steps…

This morning, for the first time ever Man-Child made his own breakfast.  While this not seem monumental to you it is for us.

Man-Child is notoriously lazy when it comes to feeding himself.  This is his father’s fault (seriously) since he does all the cooking and is basically an Italian mother - “eat, eat!” – and gets frustrated if someone else is in his kitchen and doing things in a totally different way than he would. 

I have been trying to get Man-Child to learn to fend for himself.  Hubby gets too exasperated whenever he catches me in the kitchen (ineptly) trying to teach him how to make something simple, like eggs.  So then he takes over and Man-Child fades into the background.

If I don’t feed the child in the morning, he will give me those big, puppy dog eyes and try to make me feel guilty.  Even if I don’t fall for it he would rather go to school hungry than make himself something (yes, that’s how lazy his is.  Totally his father’s fault!).  I can’t stand to send him to school hungry so I end up feeding him something (usually through a drive-thru). 

This morning, after Hubby left, I pulled out the Pillsbury Grand Biscuits (hey, do not judge!  I’m NOT a cook and these things are pretty good – and quick – and way better than fast food).  I proceeded to walk Man-Child through the process of heating the oven, opening the can and popping them in the oven.  I took a total hands-off approach.  He did it all (reluctantly).  Once they were in the oven off I went to finish getting ready for the day with instructions on how to set the timer, etc.

When I came back down – Man-Child was stuffing biscuits into his face proclaiming them “great!”  Then Man-Child even semi-cleaned up the kitchen and put the leftovers away!  AWESOME.

But when I told him how he could create a ham & cheese biscuit tomorrow out of the leftovers he said, “Let’s not go overboard Mom.”

::sigh::  It starts with baby steps….and having Hubby out of the house!


  1. Every morning I have to make breakfast for eldest son...otherwise he would go to school without anything. He literally walks downstairs as we have to leave...the other day I was sitting in the car waiting for him...he hadn't even picked his breakfast up- he expected me to take it and the baby etc..I was so cross, he went without as there wasn't enough time to go back in. I then have to go back home and get the other four sorted for school. I mentioned teaching him to cook these two weeks of holidays...I was met with silence. Lazy boy!! Sometimes it is easier to just do it yourself though.

  2. Oooh! Before you know it MC will be making 'Scotch Eggs' for you...It is very hard getting them to 'do' stuff for themselves, I agree with Chic mama, sometimes it less painful to do it yourself, but then they don't learn, & round & round we go!