October 12, 2009

How Dare He?

So hubby had the absolute nerve to tell me (in a roundabout way) that I'm getting old.

How dare he?!

He - who is a full TWELVE years older than me!

I happened to mention that my entire back-side was sore.  He asked, "From what?"  innocently enough.

I replied that I wasn't sure; maybe from squatting to do some planting.  And he said . . .

"It's hell getting old. It starts in your 40's and by 50 you feel half dead."

To ME he said this!!!

Has he not been married to me long enough (19 years in January)?? 

Is he crazy; maybe suffering from dementia because of his advanced age?

I'm not sure.  But I made a point of reminding him who will be pushing whom in a wheelchair in the near future.  And that he will totally be at my mercy . . .


  1. Payback?! Payback in SPADES baby!!

  2. hehehe, that is funny. They just dont remember that payback is a biyatch!! And women are the best at it. Mine is paying--with the Macy's card!!!

  3. The audacity! You should start leaving Post It notes around for him to find, each with a different insult about his age. It would be fun! And he will quickly learn to never, ever call you old again!


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