October 13, 2009

The Guy was hinky and I totally could have died (maybe)

After work yesterday I had to go to the cell phone store to have Man-Child’s contacts, etc. moved over to his new phone.  It was raining and icky.  All I wanted to do was go home.  But I had promised; so there I was.

As I’m sitting there waiting for the guy to do his magic (which why can’t they show us how to do this?  It can’t be that hard, right?) with the phones this other guy comes in. 

I immediately got nervous.  He seemed like he was strung out on something and just didn’t seem right

I kept my eye on him the entire time I was in there.  I scoped out a good place to hide if he started shooting or something.  Yes, he was that hinky and I was that nervous.  Even two of the employees of the store seemed a little tense and kept their eyes on him too.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Apparently, he didn’t go postal and shoot up the place; or if he did the media is keeping it under wraps because I’ve seen no mention of a crazed man on a killing spree.

When I told hubby about it he immediately said you should have called the cops.  WTH?  The cops aren’t going to come and arrest someone who gives me the creeps (although that would be AWESOME if they would!  Think of it; the creepy little guy down the hall, the one with a Napoleon complex; the crazy stalker-like lady down the hall; the one who walks around here like he’s a got a broom stuck …. ahem. I digress…. But that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?).

When Man-Child got home the very first thing he said was something about the phone, of course.  No hello, how was your day, etc.  ::eye-rolling::  Teens. 

So as I gave him the phone I informed him that I had almost died to get it set up for him.  He didn’t seem very impressed.  Just said, “uh, huh” and walked away.  Jeez what does it take to make an impression around here?


  1. Very Scary. I had a run in with a "hinky" guy in a nail salon of all places. I too looked for a place to hide if things went bad. He started yelling and knocked over one of those massive towers of nail polish, screamed some more and left. Everyone in the place was pretty shaken, but no one was injured. Ever since then, I see a "hinky" guy, I follow my gut. I leave.
    Glad you are OK.

  2. Oh, thats a little creepy! I so too would have been checking where to hide, just in case. Sometimes you just get a bad 'feeling' about someone don't you? I used to get a fair few of them when travelling around Londons Underground, on the way home late at night (obviously when I was a lot younger!). I even used to 'not' get on a particular carriage, or change carriages mid journey because of some of them. Glad to hear nothing actually happened because of 'hinky' guy though.