October 6, 2009

More Ramblings and Rantings (and I am NOT spacey!)

So, you all remember how I was flipping out because there was only 81 days left until Christmas.?
Well today at lunch I went to TJ Maxx to see if I could find anything for gifts.  I found these little beauties for the girls at the office for only about $2.00 each!  (Score!!)
Can you see the little snowflakes embossed on each one?  So cute.  Put some scented candles in and done.
When I got home I decided to inventory my gift closet.  What???  You don’t have a gift closet?  Get one, immediately!  Best invention EVER!
If memory served me correctly – I had seriously depleted the gift closet last year.  Turns out I had.  BUT – I had begun to replenish it during all the after-Christmas sales last year.  Which means that I know have enough crap stuff to cover the girls through next Christmas and maybe even a couple of birthdays.
Inventory includes:
4 candle holders
5 birds (very cute with “wish” etched in them)
2 silver candles
2 snowmen candles
Noel ornaments (each ornament is a letter)
Peace ornaments (same deal)
2 jingle bell wreaths
6 mini loaf pans
Joy ornament in silver
4 gingerbread-looking ornaments
2 sets of pretty magnets
2 Nutcrackers
2 sets of notecards with the initial K (sooo know whose getting those)
Snowman soap dispenser
Crystal votive
Crystal candy dish
1 set of three jeweled boxes
4 sets of purple gloves
4 sets of bath salts
Christmas platter
So I’m pretty well stocked for the girls at the office and any of those “what-if” gifts.  Whew.  I feel a little better already.  I even made the appointment for Man-Child’s portrait today.  There’s still decisions to be made about the party and THE list.  ::sigh::
In other news – this is my 99th post.  Will I do another “huge” 100th post?  Doubt it.  Maybe I’ll just re-post what I thought was my 100th post.  We’ll see.
And Man-Child just informed me that I was “so spacey that not even NASA wanted to explore my brain.”  Thanks.  Thanks a lot.  Do I really deserve this?  No, I don’t think so.  Because for the record I am NOT spacey (I do have my moments – but I’m NOT spacey – although hubby tells me I have blonde roots – what the hell?).  Believe me when I tell you I am the most non-spacey of this bunch that I live with!
Doctor’s office also informed me today that yes they have the flu shots for Man-Child BUT they are only giving them out on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2:00 pm and 4:00.  WTF?  Really?  And when are working parents and children in school supposed to come and get them??  I’m getting very irritated with our doctor’s office.  I may write a letter (I’m famous for these – just ask Northwest Airlines (3 page letter) and BellSouth (six page letter)!).  So even though the shots are free through our health insurance – I guess I’ll be taking Man-Child to the local pharmacy – unless I can convince the doctor’s office to re-arrange their schedule.
AND . . . yesterday, some crazy woman absolutely REFUSED to let me merge – even though I had my blinker on and everything.  I almost either a) smashed into her car or b) run up over the curb and into someone’s yard.  WTF?  Really??  And then it turned out that she was in front of me practically all the way home.  So – you know me – I proceeded to have a hostile conversation with her all the way home.  Which may or may not have included expletives. 
I’m so tired of dealing with idiots.  I’m off for a glass of wine and some relaxation.  Thanks for “listening” to the rantings and ramblings.


  1. wow. A gift cupboard. You are organized!! And dont you always get stuck behind the most irritating drivers:)

  2. I love your gift closet, I do buy things 'along the way' but then they're always things I like so get tempted into using them instead. Whoops! I've just recently discovered TK Maxx love it! But- I end up buying things for me instead. Did get a couple of Christmas presents there though! :0)