October 16, 2009

When BellSouth/AT&T Decides to Piss Me Off . . .

They do it in a BIG way!  No, never do they just do small annoying things to irritate me.  No, no.  They have to do something that is giant and going to totally make me go off the deep end.

This is now the the third (yes, count it – the THIRD) time in as many years.

Last time, earned them a six page letter to the Vice President of the Regional Office.  Hmmm, never did get a response.  Of course, after that letter he was probably too afraid to contact the crazy she-monster that created it.

I am currently typing this into Word Live because once again I can’t access my internet.  Why, you ask?  Because we lost power for one second (according to hubby who was home at the time).  And apparently when my modem/router reset itself it decided that it’s password didn’t match the password on the computer (WTF?)  We’ve lost power many, many times and have never encountered this problem! 

We have moved twice since having BellSouth/AT&T as our provider.  And both times they have royally screwed things up.  Yet, still charge us an arm and a leg!  Neither time, has anyone EVER said to me; “Hmmm, you know we might need to change the password on the router too….”  or “Here, write down the answers to your “secret questions” (that are so freakin’ obscure you’ll never remember them!!).  So here, I sit at 11:30 at night with much to say to you all – and I CAN’T GET THERE!

Of course, I’m not going to deal with those morons tonight.  So, I’m sure I’ll have PLENTY to add to this post tomorrow (or whenever it is that I’ll actually be able to get on the damn internet – from home at least).  Pray for those morons.  Really.  Because I am fed up!  And someone will hear about this and heads will most likely roll.

***UPDATE**** So I caved and called the morons tonight.  Went through PHONE TREE HELL and then do you know what happened, my dear friends??  They hung up on me!!!  Yes, that’s right.  I was conveniently “disconnected.”  Now you know why I  am calling for a total boycott of BellSouth/AT&T.  Because they suck!!!  Bastards.

So like the glutton for punishment that I am, I called back.  Again with the PHONE TREE HELL.  Success!  I am finally connected with a “customer service representative” who quickly determined that she wasn’t qualified to assist me (then why, pray tell, is she answering the damn phone!).  So she transferred me.  And now I am listening to b.s. music and unhelpful “hints” that might (but most definitely won’t) fix the problem.  And the connection is horrible.  And this is supposed to the “THE” phone company!  It is now almost midnight.  And I need to get up in the morning….::sigh:: why am I doing this to myself?  The current message is mentioning that at the end of the call they want me to answer a customer survey that will be emailed to me!  Really??  I doubt seriously if you want me to that.  At least, honestly.

****NEW UPDATE****

Okay, so for all this griping about them, I was finally connected to another human.  A human that actually knew what in the hell I was talking about and what she was talking about.  She fixed the problem in about 15 minutes.  Hmmm, so maybe that six page letter did do some good after all.  Even if they never responded….

But since it still royally pissed me off and because I’ve already devoted all this time, energy and outrage on this missive; I’m going to post it anyway.  They still suck, but have at least one employee who knows what the hell she’s doing.

Now, if only I can remember what was so important that I wanted to tell you to begin with. . .


  1. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR there is nothing worse then dealing with a service company. Be it the cable company or the computer company or the phone company. Just getting to an actual human causes your blood pressure to rise and steam to come out of your ears.
    I tried to contact Tivo only to be on hold for 48 minutes (I timed it) before a woman answered the phone to tell me I needed to talk to another department UGH.

    But at least you can surf the net now. I never realized how addicted I was to the internet until I couldn't. It was kind of embarrasing.

  2. Jody - I am EXTREMELY addicted to the 'Net. Maybe we should start an online support group . . . ;-)

  3. Girl, I have had some problems with my cable/internet provider and with AOL when I used them long ago. Both stories are too long and detailed to get in to, but when I asked for a supervisor with AOL the guy said, in his India-born accent "You do not want me to help you?" I yelled, "BUT YOU AREN'T HELPING ME YOU ARE ARGUING WITH ME!!" I got what I want.

    I also got a free riding mower from Tractor Supply Company by sending the main office a nasty letter about how piss poor the riding mower I bought the year before was and no one in the local store would help.

    ANYWAY, glad you got your internet fixed! LOL

  4. Bina - Letters to the right people work miracles. Yay to you for the free riding mower! I once got free airline vouchers after complaining about the service of an airline.