October 5, 2009

It’s The BIG One….

I've worried over this and worried over this.  This is my 100th post.  Yeah, I know I can't believe it either.

I wanted to either have something deep and profound to say or something absolutely hilarious.


I got nothing.

So I grabbed a glass of wine and played solitaire.  Don't judge.

Solitaire and chardonnay help me to think.

And this is what I've decided - I'm dedicating this post to all my followers friends.  If it weren't for you - I wouldn't be here.  (Well, technically, that's not true - I'd probably still be here rambling and ranting all to myself; which I do on a daily basis anyway.  But I'd be lonely!!  At least this way, I'm not talking to myself!  I'm talking to you!)

So a big shout out to:

Liz at but-then-i-had-kids who was my very first friend and she loves shoes almost as much as me. 

Chic Mama I’ve become very involved in her blog (no, I’m not stalking you! I just want to put you in my pocket and bring you home with me!)

Sandy at One Day At A Time

Mom’s Web at Moms Peace Bites

Life with Kaishon

A Woman of No Importance

Modern Mom at How To Survive Life in the Suburbs

Yummy Mammy at Secret Diaries of Wannabe Yummy Mammy

Margaret at Margaret aka Fact Woman

Ms. Lovely at The Ideologies of Melissa

Posh Totty


Sandy Calico at Baby Baby

Blasé at Think and Laugh, Not Necessarily In That Order

Chapman Crazy House

Cholessa at Choleesasworld (sorry I haven’t visited before but I just now found your link!)

Lisa (I can’t find your link on your profile page!)

Miss Mel at Night Light Stories

Lee at Weber's World - The Way I See It

Bina at Just Another Day

Kathryn at From the Inside ... Out

Thank you all so much for your support, for reading, for commenting.  The comments you made during my crisis with my dad touched my heart.  It utterly amazes me how although we don’t “know” each other – we are there for each other.  Ahh, the power of the internet.

Some of you have been there from the beginning; some of you have just found me.  How you found me, I don’t know.  Hmmm, might be interesting to hear how you found me.

So go read the blogs of these fabulous people.  They are cool.  They must be if they are friends of mine.

I’m tired now.  All that linking has plumb wore my fingers out.


  1. Wow 100 posts, congratulations!
    I may not always comment, but I always read.
    Looking forward to the next 10 posts x

  2. Yay,100!! Love your blog,and love bloggy friends xxxx

  3. Congrats, Gigi...even it did turn out to be your 99th (or whatever)...hee hee...I, too, did not know blogger counts your drafts. Good to know for when I hit my 100th! It's been great to follow, and I'm so honored to be your "first"!

  4. Thank YOU for having such a humurous blog sharing the REALITY of your life.

  5. Thanks Gigi and if this wasn't "technically" your 100th post, I think it still counts!

  6. Thank you so much! You are so very sweet. And I think my 100th and 200th post went by, and my one and two year anniversary went by, and I didn't even realize it! LOL

  7. Hehe...you've now done 103!!!! Wow, what a busy productive bee you've been!
    I've loved reading your posts. I've no idea how I found you, or did you find me? Seems like so long ago and so much has happened hasn't it. It wasn't really very long ago at all though!
    Anyway, Thank YOU for your support. Sorry, it's taken me all week to 'catch up'