October 23, 2009

Embarking on the teenage years; a mom's angst

Man-Child is getting antsy.  As I mentioned in the previous post, it's his first high school party.  They should be here to pick him up in about 10 minutes.  He's been ready for at least the last 45.  You know, in case they showed up early.

I asked him if there would be parents there.  I reminded him to just say "No" to any inappropriate behaviors.  He said, "I know Mom!!  What kind of kid do you think I am?"  To which I responded, "What kind of mom would I be if I didn't remind you?"

It's kind of scary watching Man-Child embark on normal, teenage things.  Why?  Because I remember my teenage years ALL to clearly.

I mean, really!  He's going to a party.  I don't "know" the parents (they are football parents, but SO!  I don't "know" them).  He's going to hang out with kids I don't "know".  He won't have MY supervision (which is INFINITELY superior to any other parent). 

As I said, I remember my teenage years.  Granted, the household in which I grew up was totally different.  Parents weren't as "hands-on", there was alcoholism thrown in and other things.  Which means I was a totally different kid than Man-Child.  But still....the peer pressure thing.  It really bothers me.

Will he cave to it?  I mean, there's never been any indication that he is a "follower".  He's always been a "cautious" child, independent (expect when it applies to taking care of himself; i.e, feeding himself!) and a leader.  How will that translate to the teenage years?  I mean he's never been to the emergency room; except for the time we thought his appendix was rupturing - turned out he had gas.  No broken bones; no climbing on the roof to see if he could float down with a sheet; none of it. 

I think he'll be fine.  I think he'll make the right choices.  But still....that niggling little doubt that every mom fears (especially one who's been there!) is chewing at my brain.

He will be fine.  Right?


  1. Wonderful Blog page. Much easier on the eyes for me and Bina.

    Is that updated pic a recent one? I likes a lot!

  2. Blasé - I'm so glad you approve. Yes, I like this one and think I'll keep it for a bit; especially after all I went through to get it.
    As for the pic; you are so good for my ego!

  3. I think he'll be okay.

    Of course I'm basing this off of when I went to school dances. I never was a follower. True I was offered a smoke once and I just said, "No thanks. I like my lungs."

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  4. He has never been to the ER?? Holy Crap! Is he normal?? My second son has been to the ER 18 times that I remember, and that started at 10 months old when he drug a glass pan from the dishwasher while I was unloading it and it cut his little foot open. 4 stitches right there.

    But yea, I would worry, too. My hubby always thought his son was perfect and would do not wrong and then found out later via Facebook that he had gone to college parties, got drunk, smoked pot, he snuck out all the time, etc.

    NOT that I'm saying your son will! Holy hell, I hope it didn't sound like that. My friends daughter is 15, and when she goes to parties and they break out the booze, she goes home. She sounds like your son, and I would bet my bottom dollar that your son will do the right thing. You two have a great relationship, and sometimes, that really IS what makes the difference.

  5. I worry every time my son goes out as well. I just hope that he is sensible enough to say no.....but then teenagers will be teenagers. I'm very aware of that too.