October 4, 2009

She stole my shoes!

Man-Child requested a cook out with family friends for his birthday.  We complied. 

It was a fabulous party; which apparently ended with a friend stealing a pair of my shoes.  Hmmm, I'll deal with her later.

Man-Child raked in the cash - because really, what else do you get a teenage boy?  He's already asked me to take him to the mall today. 

He also raked in the compliments.  My good friend asked everyone to tell what they loved about Man-Child.  She does this all the time.  It's very sweet.  Even though it puts you on the spot.  I always try to be at the end of the line - gives me time to think.

I almost cried listening to what everyone had to say about my boy.  I wish I had recorded it.

He was told about his sincerity, his integrity, his sweetness.  Hubby almost cried as he was telling Man-Child just how much he loves him and having him in our lives.  One of the little ones said that they loved him because when Man-Child plays with him he never hurts him on purpose.  We heard over and over again about his manners, the way he looks adults in the eye and has conversations - instead of grunts and one word answers to questions. 

He said it was embarrassing to listen to all that.  But I could tell - it made him feel good to have all his good qualities laid out there.

Every thing that was said led me to believe - despite all my doubts - maybe, just maybe, I've (okay, okay We've) done a good job so far.

Parenting is not easy.  It's damn hard work.  It seems like all I do is bitch and nag.  Apparently, it's paying off in the important areas. 

I love that boy so very much.

Now, I have to go deal with beeatch that stole my shoes!

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a wonderful thing. Very, very sweet! : ) I hope he has a great year. And definitely take him to the mall : ) It's not every day you have cash to burn, right?