October 26, 2009

Maybe it's back??

So I played some solitaire (don't judge!  It frees my mind) and took a "forced" bath. 

I say forced because something is leaking and it's either the tub (which has already leaked TWICE before) or the shower.  The builder seems to think that this time it's the shower.  Whatever.  So, now I can't shower in my shower and I will have to shower in Man-Child's shower (shudder!!!  I really  don't want to go in there!  He's in charge of his own bathroom!  Do you know how boys keep their bathrooms???  'Nough said!) (hmmm, how many times can I put the word shower in one sentence???  Apparently five, as long as I have all my varied parentheses!).  Thus, the forced bath.  To see if it was the problem.

I love baths; especially on cold nights that make my toes cold.  But I really didn't want one tonight; but I did it anyway.  Because that's what one does as necessary.  Now I'm hot.  Sitting on the back deck hoping to get cool again.

Anyway, during said solitaire and bath I thought I could tell you about the shopping trip I planned with my co-worker.  I've told you about her before - the single mom with the kids (and ex) that walk all over her.  (You remember - the son told her this!)  Anyway, she mentioned that she was in the market for some new clothes (about time - she's been wearing the same things over and over forever!  And, they aren't very stylish-I am NOT judging!  I love her no matter what she is wearing!) and was going to visit a local (favorite of mine) department store after work.  So, I casually mentioned that I had nothing going on this evening and would love to meet her there, if she didn't mind.  So we had a date.  I may have mentioned to you before that I am also worried about her because she has no life outside of her children and her parents.  I mean honestly?  What is she going to do after the kids and the parents are gone?  You simply MUST have a life outside of your immediate family.  I love hubby and Man-Child; but really?  They are not my WHOLE life.  Maybe 98% of it, but not the entire 100%.  I've only been able to coax her out a few times--it's like pulling teeth!

She is very conservative.  I am too, to an extent.  But I don't mind trying out new things.  I figure we are only here once....and you might as well try new things.

So we get to the store.  I suggest several things.  She looks at me like I am crazy.  The juniors department?  (yes, even us oldies [Man-Child's word!  Not mine!!]  can find a few things in there)  A belted jacket? (yes, it gives you shape)  Mid-rise pants? (far more comfortable than the regular pants - and much more stylish) Heaven forbid!!  So I send her off to the dressing room reminding her that she only has to try them on; it's not like she has to buy it. 

Eventually, she comes out.  The pants didn't work.  She liked the jacket but the belt was wonky.  I think next time I may have to supervise her....

So we went to the shoe department (my favorite!  In case you haven't picked up on that before).  I was able to talk her into trying on shoes that she normally wouldn't have thought about.

Did I mention she's very conservative?

We left the store without her buying anything.  BUT, she did tell me she'd learned a few things (like she might actually like belted jackets after all?  And mules?).  I told her we'd do it again and that she'd leave the store with a few things; for her

So slowly, oh so slowly, I am pulling her out of her shell.  Eventually, she may actually show up to work in a ::gasp:: belted jacket or a pair of mules!

I think I need a new job.  Personal shopper.  Anyone interested?  I'm available.


So, what do you think?  Is it back?  Nah, I think I'm just reaching now....oh well, definitely better than the walk-in clinic post.


  1. personal shopper sounds perfect for me. And since I like mules already, you would be spot on for the gig. :)

  2. We have a couple of programmes here where they 'force' frumpy, usually women, out of their comfort zone. Some of these people end up in tears but the stylers carry on and always they look so much better. I bet you have similar programmes there? Thats what you need to do, be more forceful! LOL.

  3. You can be my personal shopper! I HATE to shop! And I go in, find what I need or something that freaking fits, and then change my mind. I am just not good at putting things together and I need some help!

  4. Sign me up Bina! I love to shop (and on someone else's money!)!!