October 12, 2009

Therapy really does wonders

I needed some major therapy this weekend particularly in view of unexpected visits from Visitor 1 and Visitor 2!  And by therapy, I mean of the retail kind.

So off to the stores I went.  A few things were purchased for the house – to welcome fall.

DSCN0074 DSCN0073

Nothing says autumn quite like pumpkins, mums and wreaths.  Of course, my mums haven’t opened yet.  Soon though.

And while this did ease some of anxiety and tension.  It wasn’t quite enough.  I concluded that I probably needed a little more intense therapy.  (I’m sure hubby would agree – not about the retail therapy variety though…)

So this beautiful sweater (that will look great with a wide belt!) and a matching scarf were procured.


By now I was feeling a bit better.  But still needed a little something more.

I found it!  And once ownership was mine I felt almost normal again!


Aren’t they beautiful?  They are black suede peep-toe booties.  I found a beautiful sweater-dress that would have gone with them perfectly.  But alas, the budget was being stretched so I had to forgo that item . . . for now. 

Now that these babies are mine (and the fact that Visitor 1 and Visitor 2 are both gone!) I am right back to my happy-go-lucky self!

It’s amazing what a little therapy can do for you!


  1. Thank heavens for 'therapy'....I love it! It never fails to make you feel a little bit better does it? I'm absolutely loving those little boots x

  2. Snap! I too had had some retail therapy yesterday. Will worry about the bills later. Felt better though. Never heard them called mums before. :0)

  3. LOL! You obviously have a great therapist!

  4. Chic - what do you call them? Chrysanthemum? Too long. LOL. We both learned something today. I just found out about scotch eggs!

  5. Girl, it sounds like we both had some retail therapy this weekend!! You found some waaaay fab things, and those boots?!? Ugh, amazing. OOC!

  6. Hehe.....scotch eggs, I absolutely LOVE them. How did you find out about them? Do you have them or are they called something else? Not good for the hips though.

  7. Chic - Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst enlightened me. No, we don't have anything like that here. I must admit I was completely baffled when she explained it. So she sent me a link, I'm half tempted to forward it to Hubby and have him make them...though I'm not a huge fan of boiled eggs.