October 30, 2009

Why does this kind of thing ALWAYS happen to me?

I have two friends I work with.  They have a love/hate relationship.  Well, actually they are more like siblings.  Some days they get along great and others end up with one shoving cake into the face of the other and before you know it things have escalated.  Yes, this really happened between the two of them.  Needless to say, that incident pretty much brought the party to a standstill for a bit.
The one friend (we’ll call her T) is having a Halloween get-together tomorrow night.  She asked me to keep it quiet as she wasn’t inviting many folks from work.  No problem, I can keep my mouth shut.
My other friend (we’ll call him D) wanted to come see Man-Child’s football game last night.  (Don’t ask – it was bad!!  So glad the season’s almost over; I don’t know how much more the kids can take!  Or hubby – I really thought his head might explode last night).  Since D is almost as directionally-challenged as me, it was decided that they would swing by the house and follow us to the game.
D and his wife came a little early.  So, being the wonderful hosts we are we invited them in for a minute or two and a quick glass of wine.  So they are seated at the bar chatting when D happens to notice the invite hanging on my fridge!!!!
Apparently, he wasn’t one of the few that were invited.  Oh hell!
D, being the type of person he is, didn’t ignore it or wait until he got home to vent – no, not D.  He was not happy.  If it had been ANYBODY else, this wouldn't be an issue.
As soon as we got into our respective cars to go to the game, I began texting T; hoping to get to her before D.  Who began texting her as soon as we got to the game.  I’ve no idea what he said; but I’m sure it wasn’t nice.
I haven’t talked to T yet, but have received a text telling me that she did get my text first.  I feel sooooooooo bad.  But seriously?  I really thought D would arrive and we would leave.  Never even thought about the invite.  But as soon as his eyes hit it – I began to cringe.
I know there is nothing I can do at this point (and I have apologized profusely to T via text – haven’t been able to reach her by phone yet) but I feel terrible.  I’m thinking the least I can do is buy her lunch.  A really, really nice lunch.


  1. that sucks. Hopefully, "T" will understand that it wasnt your fault, adn all will be well

  2. We are made from the same mould.....guilt!!!! I too would feel really bad about it but....from my perspective I can see you are carrying it wrongly. Not your fault, you were being welcoming etc....please don't beat yourself up about it. x

  3. Well, it's your house, and your fridge, and it's not like you planted it there hoping he would see it, right? But I do understand feeling bad about it, cause I would, too. That's just the kind of person I am.