November 25, 2009

And right after my, oh so sappy, post....

Be warned.  I'm going to gripe and carry on.  Yes, I realize I told you all the other day how freakin' happy I was.

Today?  Not so much.  And it's nothing major (it usually isn't).  But come on.

Today was the longest freakin' day ever!  No one was at work; the parking lot was empty.  The phones did not ring, no emails were popping up.  Nothing.  Nada.  So I got through the day.  I knew it was going to be this way.  No problem.

But, if you recall, today was the day that my computer was to be fixed.  I took it to the computer fixit place on my lunch hour.  The part hadn't come in yet.  They were relaxed about it.  They said it was still early, it could come in at any time and, oh by the way, that $150 I paid was just for the part - I will still need to pay for the labor.  (LIARS!)  I left my precious computer in their care; confident that come 5:00 pm it would be fixed.  Went on about my other errands and back to the boring office for the remainder of the afternoon.

I puttered through the afternoon; constantly checking the clock to see if it was time to go home.

Around 4:00 pm my phone rang - oh the excitement!  It was Man-Child.  ::sigh::

He wanted to know if I would be stopping at the grocery on the way home to buy baking supplies.  Oh my hell!!!  I hadn't even thought about baking.  Especially as this year as it will only be the three of us.  He asked what I would be making.  Knowing that pumpkin pie is one of his favorites I told him that is what he would be getting.  He said (can you get this!) "Is that all?"  I reminded him that it would only be the three of us.  He then asked for the cake-thing I made for his dad's birthday.  I said, "Instead of pumpkin pie?"  And, of course, he replied "In addition to."  Being the dumb-ass good mother that I am I agreed - thinking that they are both easy recipes.

At 5:00 pm; still no call from computer people.  But I am out of the office like a shot.  Calling them on the way out the door.  I finally get a response from them when I am more than half-way home (which is about half-way away from where they are).  The @(%&$(%&*(#%& part still hasn't come in! 

I figure at this point, my best bet is to head home - grab the recipes I need; jump back in the car; drive all the way back into town; pick up computer - because of course they are closed tomorrow; hit the grocery and head home.  Oh . . . if only it were that simple.  Because Man-Child now wants to accompany me -- AND drive.  Suffice it to say he nearly killed me on at least two occasions -- maybe more but I think I've blotted out all but the worst of it.

Argue with the guy at the computer store about refunding my "express" delivery money; apparently he didn't understand the whole "express" thing.  Suffice it to say - that particular employee is a moron and SHOULD not be allowed to interact with the public.  Confirm that they "should" be able to fix said computer on Friday.  I don't believe them at this point.  I am learning to live around the great big blob on my screen. 

Hit the grocery store where the employees are goofing off rather than assisting the HORDES of people who have left their shopping till the last minute.

Refuse to let Man-Child drive home (my heart just couldn't take any more excitement).

Arrive home and have a large glass of wine.  Finally.

Now I'm off to make a stupid pie and a cake-thing.  And, you know what??  Thanksgiving isn't even one of my favorite holidays.  Nope.  It's true. 

I understand the whole thankful part.  But I don't get the feeding your face until you are ready to puke; sit in front of the tv watching football part. 

But I do enjoy the whole 4 day weekend part.  So I think I'll have another glass of wine and deal with those damn yams/sweet potatoes (whatever the hell you call them) tomorrow.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Gigi and hope the stupid pie and cake-thing turn out for you. :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the pumpkin pie & cake xx

  3. Forget the yams - just eat cake! Oh...and Happy Thanksgiving x

  4. Oh dear, you need a vacation, for sure. Simplify by asserting your wishes, that's my motto. Tell everyone, this is what's available. After a few grumblings, they'll all settle down.

    Happy Thanksgiving, pie or not.

  5. What a good Mommy! These are the moments he will tell his babes about:)