November 3, 2009

Social Networking

Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and now the blogosphere.

I’ve tried them all.

Myspace – I started out with it to keep up with what Man-Child was doing.  He phased out of it and moved on to Facebook.  The only reason I continue to check in periodically is because it is the only online contact I have with one old friend.

Facebook – Again, started out to keep up with Man-Child.  For awhile it was kind of interesting.  But now?  Not so much.  My status?  Has maybe only been updated twice in the past six months.  Games?  Don’t play them.  Quizzes, etc. – don’t do them either.  So basically, I just check in once a day or so to see what M-C is up to.

Twitter – If I can’t be bothered to update my FB status then you can pretty much bet that I don’t tweet much either.  Unless I’m sitting in a car in a parking lot for 1/2 an hour!  Then, I may have started tweeting something about winning the Mother of the Year award.  (I still totally think I deserve it!)  Other than that I use it to keep up with the four folks I follow (yes, I only follow four.  Why?  Because I like the four people).

Blogosphere – This is the only social networking “thing” that seems to hold my continued interest.  Actually, I think I may becoming obsessed with it.  I can only assume that it is still interesting to me is because I’m able to express myself without limiting my characters or worrying about who is going to see what and how they may take what I have to say.  I’m meeting lots of new and interesting people that I would have never met otherwise.  All the people I’ve met are kind, funny, caring people who all have something interesting to say.  I am finding that it sometimes interferes with chores I should be doing – but don’t want to do because I’m too busy catching up with blogs, etc. (can you say laundry?!)  I sometimes find myself spending too much time on it at work (definite no, no).  I think this may be the one “innovation” that I will be sticking with for the long haul. 

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  1. I agree...hate FB actually. The blogosphere, on the other hand, oh what a great place! =)