November 11, 2009

I'm sooooo cold!!!!

When we first moved to beautiful NC I was thrilled.  I distinctly remember running to the bathroom and beating on the door until Hubby yelled, "WHAT????" from the shower.  I remember being soooo excited.  It was snowing outside!! 

Being from Texas I was used to basically one season.  Hot and Humid.  With an occasional side of chilly.  So snow???  It was freakin' awesome!!!!!!

I didn't even own a coat.  Why?  It so wasn't necessary.  Now??  I own at least five.  Most likely more (but I'm too lazy to go upstairs to check).

Eleven (maybe twelve) years later.  I don't like the winter.  And, technically, it's not even winter yet.

Yes, snow still amazes the hell out of me (and who knew it would be so wet??).  But you know what?  Where I'm at we don't get snow as much.  More often we get ice.  Which totally sucks!  Driving in snow?  Not a big deal.  Driving in ice?  Forget about it-it's impossible.

I love the other three seasons.  But winter?  Really?????  It's cold; it's dark.  I'm telling you I am totally afflicated with SAD.  And winter totally kicks my butt.  It's dark at 4:00 pm (okay not usually - tropical storm IDA is inudating us making it dark earlier - but it's definitely dark by 5:30 or 6:00 pm).  It's not even 8:30 pm and I am totally ready for bed.

I just talked to my dad (he seems to be doing much better, by the way, although that's his version!  Totally hoping to hear from his doc soon and get the real low-down) and it's only 80 degrees there!  WTH!  I hated the heat and humidity when I lived there (although it is hilarious to hear people here gripe about the humidity - they have no idea!!!).  Still hate the humidity; but some warmth?  Right about now it would be sooooooo welcomed.  The high today was probably about 50 degrees.  Not as low as it will go; but still.

Apparently, I need to live somewhere where the sun shines constantly and there is no humidity.  Where would that be??  Heaven?


  1. Oohhh you have no idea what it's like to drive in snow, haha. While I have never been to NC, I live on the east coast of Canada and once last year, I drove to work in a snow storm and the bottom of the car was scraping snow off the road.
    I once drove back home from my parents in the snow and could only do 60km on the highway (that's only about 35mph). But yes, the ice does suck, we get that some in the winter. I'd rather drive in the foot of snow! That being said, there's no snow yet, and I'm waiting.. I bought snow tires, it better get here soon (never thought I'd say that).

    By the way, last night it was about 21F here. :) I own 5 winter coats alone (not to mention Autumn coats and spring coats).

    This concludes my longest comment ever.

    Glad to hear your Dad is doing better too!

  2. Okay - I take it all back. I can live with this (although this rain has got to go!) I could not deal with the weather you've got!

  3. Its been pouring with rain here for hours today and it's really windy and cold. KNow how you feel. I hate the long dark nights the most, especially living in the middle of nowhere it is sooo dark.

  4. I go to bed with the sun, so if the sun goes down at 6:30, you can bet Im probably asleep on my couch. I could never tolerate the snow. My body would simply shut down from the shock.
    By the way, what part of Texas?? I have family in El Paso, and dear GOD, the humidity there is absolutely ridiculous.

  5. Choleesa - I hail from Houston. Like I said, when folks here start talking humidity; I just have to laugh. And yeah, I've been fighting going to bed at 6:00's like my body just totally shuts down when the sun sinks below the horizon.....

  6. Certainly not England although heaven's a bit one-way for me...