November 15, 2009

Random Ramblings

Passwords.  Really??  Do you realize how many I have??  All the important stuff that I should remember (like the year my son was born or the year I got married) has totally been pushed out of my brain so that I can retain all these darn passwords.  Passwords at work (at least 6; probably more - but I've forgotten the less used ones); passwords for my bank card; passwords for email; passwords for blogger; passwords for online banking; passwords for cellphone stuff; passwords that I never even knew I had until I'm trying to "fix" something (which is real pain!!!); passwords for online shopping.....the list goes on and on. 

I am constantly forgetting what site I'm logging onto and invariably enter the wrong password - which then leads to cursing on my part.  And once, really, I totally forgot the password to my bank card.  Completely, totally forgot it.  Couldn't remember it ever again - it was GONE.  Had to get a whole new card.  That was a nightmare.  So to all you hackers out there that have made all these damn passwords so very necessary.....there is a special place in hell for you....just so ya' know.


HTML code - really??  Do you have to be that damn difficult??  For whatever reason, I still can't fill the date into that random box on my template.  And the whole automatic date/time stamp that's supposed to show up under all my titles?  So not there.  And I've checked everything!  If there's anyone out there who actually understands HTML who feels pity for this poor little girl; email me.  I need all the help I can get.


Really?  Fashion people? I know I've expounded on this issue before.  But it bears repeating.  "Petite" means that it is for short people!  Not short people with freakishly long legs!!!  Those people belong in the regular departments.  Also, "petite" does NOT mean little old lady.  Thank you.  Now go do something about it before I totally freak out in a department store because I can't find a pair of pants that are not at least 4-6 inches too long in the PETITE department and end up in jail for causing a public disturbance (seriously??  It totally could happen any day now; do you realize how long I've been looking for pants that I don't have to alter!  And it's not like I am freakishly short or anything either!).


Hubby?  Man-Child?  You do realize that yelling at the players on tv really doesn't do any good right?  They can't hear you.  Yes, I know I talk to the computer all the time; but it actually listens to me (although it tends to ignore me a good bit of the time.  Yes, we have a love/hate relationship, the computer and I).  The people on tv?  They can't hear you.  Yes, there is a difference.


People with WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER bumper stickers.  I agree.  War is ugly and should be avoided at all costs - but really?  What's your answer?   We were attacked.  On US soil.  A total act of agression - that we did not provoke.  What did you think the response was going to be?  (Yes, this is totally political and possibly inflammatory (which is totally not me) - but I really want to know - what is the answer then??  And if you have a great answer - get thee to Capitol Hill and tell them; because I do want our boys (yes BOYS) to  come home safely and soon) (and yes, I am again using waaaayyyy to many parentheses and italics.  What can I say - that's just me.) (and yes, I talk like this in real life-just ask Hubby.  He constantly has a hard time following conversation with me) (I totally don't get it - I know what I'm saying - why can't he?  Come on Hubs - keep up!  It's really not that hard!!).

And on that note (where I will possibly lose followers and will have to cry myself to sleep for uncountless days to come) - good night.


  1. Yes Gigi, we were attacked on our soil, but the ones that Bush had us invade had nothing to do with the attacks on our soil.

    Don't worry, I'll be one that will never stop following you, regardless.

  2. Yes Blase; I agree. Iran had NOTHING to do with it; although we should have dealt with Sadaam earlier....(totally different issue that I will totally leave alone).

    And I totally appreciate your reassurance regarding friending me - I need all the coddling I can get! Thank you - maybe now I'll get some sleep tonight rather than worrying about this post....

  3. Also...let me state for the record.... I DO NOT follow the news that closely (shallow, I know - but I like to live in my own little sheltered world - it's mostly a happy place). So I am NOT trying to start some kind of HUGE debate here. I just really want to know.

  4. Okay - totally wrong. I'm going to be worrying about this all night. One little question. It can lead to so much doubt and confusion. TOTALLY IGNORE the last part of my post and love me anyway. Cause, really?? I am not a trouble-maker. I AM NOT! (Maybe I should delete? Or does that make me a total sell-out?)

  5. Okay - this probably is a record of how many times, I've commented on my own post. I mean the last comment; not this one. Do you see how stressed all this is making me?? I'll be totally gray by morning (if I make it til then). ::sigh:: I'm letting it go.....I promise! We'll see what happens. (maybe - still no promises not to delete if the stress gets to be too much. I'm an old woman you know!!)

  6. Uh-oh! Please don't cry yourself to sleep. But in response to your 'ramblings'.
    Passwords. I've changed all mine to the same one. I KNOW you shouldn't do this, but hey, WTH! I only have so much grey matter. I did have a 20 minute conversation with my bank, about a card I thought I should have received, only to be reminded that it hadn't run out

    HTML: Come back to me tomorrow at some point, I live with computer nerds. A 19 yr old who understands alot of it and OH who knows HTML like its his mother tongue (as in, 30 yrs worth!!)So he may be able to help you.

    I don't get why 'petite' people would have such long legs?? That would just be freaky, would'nt it?

    I must admit, I haven't seen a lot of 'War is not the answer' bumper stickers here in the UK. Not sure if that's because we think it is, or just apathy. But I do agree with you.
    You attack, fight back. Inflammatory? Possibly. So what is the alternative?? Just sit back and let them get on with it, maybe? Negotiations? They always work, right. Mmmm?
    Don't we teach our children, as we were taught, about how to deal with bullies? Unfortunately, someone, somewhere, does have to stand up and be counted and also, of course, be accountable. And mostly they will be slated for it.
    I'll stop now. Sorry, this has turned into a post in itself!