November 29, 2009

It's Sunday - time to be thankful!

My reasons for gratitude this week:

1.  That this weekend has been extremely unseasonable - which enabled me to get my part of the outside decorations done (usually I'm out there in the cold, cursing and trying to figure out the plugs on the little Christmas trees that line the walk.  This time I was able to do it at a leisurely pace!)  (Hubby has resisted all attempts to get him to put up the lights - he'll regret it when it's cold and he's out there while I sit inside, secure in the knowledge that I've already done my part!  I'll try not to be smug about it - yeah, right!)

2.  That Man-Child is finally beginning to take his education seriously.

3.  That I am still alive after the near death experiences that Man-Child put me through while driving this weekend.

4.  4 day weekends!!

5.  That after today I only have 13 work days left before I am OFF for the remainder of the year!!

6.  Family; of course (although Man-Child has been joined at my hip just about all weekend and I'm about ready to go back to work for some "alone time!")

7.  That my neighbor keeps his yard in order (but REALLY???  I think he has OCD about it or something.  He was mowing in on Thanksgiving (Thursday) and has been out there again on his mower today - blowing his leaves toward the woods and is now using his leaf blower to make sure every last leaf is off his lawn!)

8.  That my computer screen is fixed!! 

9.  That my guys are going out tonight and I will have some much needed quiet time (if neighbor guy EVER finishes his lawn).

So what are you grateful for this week?


  1. 13 days until you are off for the rest of the year? What do you do?

  2. LOL! I save two weeks of my vacation for the last two weeks of the year! I used to do it in case of snow days when Man-Child was small - now I do it because I enjoy having that time off.