November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is Hubby's birthday.  And though he won't see it (because this blog is mine dammit!), I'd like to pay tribute to him.

He is a wonderful man.  With many faults, to be sure (okay, maybe only a couple). 

But this man puts up with me on a daily basis; and I have MANY faults (at least that's what he thinks - I think I'm perfect just the way I am!).

He loves me when I'm grouchy.  He loves me more when I'm not.

He will go to the store in the middle of the night when I am freaking out because I thought I saw a mouse (I was right).  He loves me even though I've been known to leave the keys in the car; with the car running; while we had dinner out.  And he laughed about it.

While I was pregnant he insisted on cleaning the bathroom (the one chore he really, really hates) because he didn't want me to breathe in the fumes from the chemicals.

He met my insane family; and married me anyway.

He gave me a beautiful son and is a wonderful father.  He's the kind of father I could have used when I was Man-Child's age.

He thinks of us first.  And worries about us constantly. 

He works a job that he can't stand because he doesn't want to put us at a financial risk.  He struggles through because he knows that we want to send Man-Child to a private school.  He makes necessary sacrifices.

Although, he claims to despise my (ever growing) shoe collection; he doesn't grumble too loudly.

If he knows that something is really important to me; he takes care of it asap.  And usually, it's just something small; because it's the little things that mean the most.

He actually takes the time (usually) to put thought into his gifts.

He is a thoughtful, wonderful and caring person.  He is generous with his time, talents and whatever else he has to give.  He is a fabulous role model for Man-Child.

And I love him dearly.  (and no, you cannot have him....but he does have a single brother....)


  1. A sweet tribute to your man! I'm glad you found each other!

  2. Happy Birthday to him...and even though your blog is "yours, dammit"...maybe just this one time he can read it???

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby! He sounds wonderful! :)

    P.S. My verification word is 'quatickle' and it made me giggle.

  4. Sounds like you have a wonderful man .. look after each other. You are lucky there are so many unhappy couples its lovely to see the happy onesx

  5. He looks like the kind of fellow that would do well with me. He and I need to get together and have YOU feed us something...

  6. ..btw, your new hairstyle looks sexy as hell!

  7. Sounds like you guys compliment each other perfectly!

  8. A be-lated happy birthday. He sounds lovely. xx

  9. Yeah, he's not to bad; until he ticks me off(which he can do on a regular basis!) And Blase? Really? You don't want me to feed you; cause I can't cook!!