November 27, 2009

It's been a long day.....

I woke up early this morning; for whatever reason.  Maybe I was expecting the hammers to start up again.  I don't know.  Curious, they never did show up today - maybe they mistook Hubby telling them to go home yesterday to mean they didn't have to come back.  ::sigh:: we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Man-Child also woke early; which is an EVENT now that he's a teenager (although as a baby we couldn't pay him to sleep!). 

I know I mentioned that I wouldn't be rolling out of bed early for the Black Friday craziness.  And I didn't.  But for whatever reason (I think DRIVING was the main reason) Man-Child wanted to be out and about today.  And as I did have a few errands and things I wanted to procure; I agreed.

OH. MY. HELL!!!  In the name of all that is holy DO NOT let your child drive on the craziest shopping day of the year!  WHAT WAS I THINKING????

We nearly DIED wrecked three times!  The boy definitely needs to work on using his mirrors and watching what the person across the intersection might be doing!  In fact, one man was SO angry - that even after I mouthed "I'm sorry!!!" and gave the friendly wave - still continued to give us the death glare at what had to be the longest light ever!!  Honestly....he could see that Man-Child was a young driver; he could have cut us some slack!  (Although I must admit at this horribly gross misstep error; I had my face in my lap and my hands over my head because I knew we were going to die wreck.)  I think tomorrow I will put a sign in the back window that reads:  YOUNG DRIVER.  BEWARE!

We braved a few of the Black Friday crowds.  We didn't buy much - mainly because the deals weren't great enough to deal with the lines!!  People are crazy - I did not see one thing that was worth standing in line for an hour for; although Man-Child was able to buy me a gift (yes I know what it is; 'cause I orchestrated the whole thing) and was in and out in no time.  I also managed to score two fabulous cashmere scarves for a song at a sweet, little boutique I know.

Other than that it was just window shopping, errands and cheating death.

One of the errands including having my computer fixed by the folks who should not be allowed to deal with the public EVER.  Believe me I was all set to blast these guys out of the water on the blogosphere.  After all is said and done I won't - BUT you can believe I will never step foot in their establishment again. 

They were supposed to call and let me know when the part came in.  They didn't.  I finally just showed up with the laptop and asked.  They were all - Oh let me check.  Come on guys - this isn't Best Buy you should know whether or not it came in.  Apparently, it had.  So I left my precious computer.  They had said it would only take a couple of hours and they would call when it was ready.  I left it at 1:00 pm.  I called at 5:00 pm and was informed that it should be ready soon.  I called again at 6:15 - it still wasn't ready, but they expected that it would be ready soon.  I reminded the moron guy that they closed at 7:00 and wondered if it would be ready for pick up by then.  He expected  that it would.   Finally, around 6:30 (or a bit after) they called to say it was ready.  Guess what?  I live about 20 minutes away and they CLOSE AT 7:00 PM!  After driving like a mad woman behind people who apparently like to drive very slow; I made it.

I was already to argue with the dimwit who didn't understand about express delivery guy about refunding my money for the express delivery; but apparently by now he had either talked to his boss or realized that I was about to go nuts on him and he informed me that they would refund my money in labor costs; so in actuality I saved a little (maybe $10 bucks).  I hope he is on his knees tonight thanking God that I didn't unleash on him - because God knows I was ready to go crazy on him and if I had, my friends, it wouldn't have been pretty. 

BUT now I have beautiful new screen.  One that isn't infected with big, crazy blobs and cracks.  One that doesn't have a million fingerprints on it (since neither guy can figure out that they can use it WITHOUT touching the screen!!  Yes, it's a total pet peeve!).  And I've been able to catch up on my blog reading (since my damn Blackberry won't update who I'm following!!) so all is right in Gigi's world; for the moment, ::sigh::.


  1. I can't wait until my kids start driving - on that day I think I will emigrate!

  2. I've said it are sooooo brave. I just cannot imagine allowing my fifteen year old behind the wheel. I expect the age will change upwards before he reaches seventeen anyway.
    Yay for bargains! X

  3. So sorry your son nearly killed you but yay on getting the screen fixed!