November 23, 2009

Totally forgot! Gratitude List

Now here I stole borrowed this FABULOUS idea from Chic Mama and then I totally forgot that I planned to do it at the beginning of the week (as she does it on Friday's - so it's not stealing that way; do you see my logic?).

But forgive me; it's been a busy day as according to Melissa I have been crazy posting today.  What can I say?  It's been really quiet at the office - so those voices just keep talking, talking, talking and need to get out (no!!!  I'm NOT crazy; really?) is my gratitude list for this week (it may have some repeats - because I am really, really grateful for all that life has to offer - really!)

1.  My little family - because we are so good together; even when we aren't.

2.  My computer - because even with the busted screen - I can still connect with all of you!

3.  You - because y'all belong to my heart; each and every one.  (sappy I know.  But hey, a girl is allowed to be sappy once in a while....)

4.  Man-Child's renewed interest in school (i.e., getting good grades!) - because do you know how many years I've had to go through nagging him about homework (too many to count and to many gray hairs obtained)?? 

5.  Wine.  Need I say more??

Have a good week y'all!!


  1. Amen to them all - particularly the last one!

  2. I love your logic! And even if you post like crazy, it's ok because I just have even more entertainment!