November 24, 2009

Thank you, Liz!

I just received the nicest comment!  Really!  Liz from ...but then I had kids (greatest blog title ever) just said:

"Congrats, Gigi! So glad for you! You deserve it. What I love most about your blog (and your comments on everyone else's blogs) is that you always sound so cheerful and happy. It is so obvious that you love this blogging community! And so anyways, since I am a bit of a Blog Award Whore, and b/c that award is so frickin' cute...I will be accepting the pass-on and posting soon! Thanks!"

And it's true - I do love this blogging community!  I have met some of the most amazing people! 

For the most part, I am cheery and happy. 

Once upon a time, I wasn't so cheery and happy.  I was sad and grouchy.  All the time.  It was bad.

But I read something, somewhere once that resonated with me BIG TIME.  You can CHOOSE how you live your life - happy or sad.  I also read (probably in the same place - I forget) that you can't change how others view the world or behave; you can only change your response to it.  This is very true.

At the time, the position I was in sucked.  Pure and simple.  The people I worked with were un-happy, grouchy people who had a vendetta against EVERYONE and each other.  It was miserable.  I was slowly, but surely, being sucked into their way of thinking.

Once I realized that it DIDN'T have to be that way - things changed.  I began to seriously look at my life and wonder - what in the hell did I have to be grouchy about?  I have a WONDERFUL husband.  A FABULOUS son (on most days - but hey, he's a teenager; there's bound to be some days that aren't so great with him).  A job (that despite, at the time, being miserable) was a good job with excellent benefits.  And fabulous friends.

Eventually, I moved on to a different department (thank GOD!) and life got even better.

So even though I am pragmatic and see things the way they are; I also realize that things aren't as bad as they could be (yes, yes - oxymoron, I know!  What can I say -- that's just me -- take it or leave it).

So thank you, Liz, because you have reminded me of all that I have to be happy for in my little world and what kind of person I could have ended up being.  And know, that I think of you (all) every day and send positive vibes your way.  (And no - I am not one of those annoyingly, perky people - really!  But I am happy - most of the time.  When the guys in this house aren't tag-teaming and trying to drive me crazy.  Which they seem to do on a regular basis.  Like why are all of my decorative bamboo sticks are broken - can you say "sword fight?"  How old are they anyway?  But hey, that's one of the reasons I blog - to get it all out.  Yay - look!  Instead of many annoying parentheses; this time I did it in one big, long one!)


  1. I'm getting a cramp in my hand from commenting on your posts. Why do you have to be so amusing to me?? WHY?!

    My head hurts, what am I doing here again?

    Oh, right. Good for you for being cheery and happy!

  2. Mrs. Lovely - I certainly don't know why you find me so amusing. My family certainly doesn't (most of the time!). But get used to your hand cramping - this is our "slow" time at work (as opposed to the slow time we've already been having; I expect it will be TOTALLY dead in the month(s) to come!) that just means the thoughts will keep on mounting up until they spill out here!

  3. Lovely post Gigi....I really must remember to be happier. You've reminded me.
    I've been trying to do less negative posts so not reinforcing negative feelings. xxxx