November 15, 2009


My grateful list for this week (courtesy of Chic Mama).

1.  I am so grateful to have finally talked to my friend who is in a very bad way.

2.  I am grateful, so very grateful, for my family.

3.  I am grateful for the FABULOUS weather we've had this weekend (particularly after the monsoon-type weather we had last week - hey Mother Nature?  Can we keep this up for a bit longer, pretty please?).

4.  I am grateful that I was able to spend the day with an old friend; and doubly grateful that her illness has reduced to the point where she could spend the day with me.

5.  I am grateful to have found this during our travels today (yes, a bit materialistic of me - I know.  Sorry-but I've been looking for a statement ring FOREVER).

The picture doesn't do it justice.  But pretty, no??  It's a beautiful black, domed ring with crystals.

6.  Grateful that M-C was bored enough to ask me to teach him how to sort his laundry and do it (maybe I should keep him bored more often....).

7.  Grateful that the majority of my laundry is done!!!

Although it's Monday tomorrow and back to the daily grind; I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

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