November 16, 2009


Okay - really??  Hubby is watching the news and just came out to report that a panel has come out to say that mammograms are really over-rated and, really, only need to be done on women over 50.

Are you freakin' kidding me????????

Do you know how many lives (of women under 50) annual mammogram screenings have saved?

Ladies (and gents; if necessary); please, please ignore this panel and get yourselves tested annually.  Insist on it.  It could save your life.


  1. I think he is hinting around that he wants to give you the exams...

  2. We don't have mammograms, routinely, under 50 here in the UK. Costs to the NHS probably. But I had a lump scare last year, and for 15 years, with my old employers, paid into a small, private healthcare scheme, yet had never used it. So I did. I'm 47 & had NEVER had a mammogram. Within 2 days I'd had a mammogram, scan and aspiration biopsy, and the consultant himself phoned me with the results at 8 in the evening, 2 days later. All clear, just lumpy breasts...Me...Breath out! I don't understand why this simple procedure can't be used here for all women, irrespective of age. Comes down to cost I suppose.

  3. Brighton Mum; are you kidding? Over here - the word is (or was, depending on who you listen too) that you should routinely have them annually after reaching the age 40; unless you have a history in your family.

    I have had my own scare ending with an aspiration and all that - in my thirties!

    This is why it is soooooo important to dispell this myth that this "panel" is creating. Mammograms are necessary and are saving lives - WELL BEFORE FIFTY!

  4. Being from UK too, I think it is so wrong that women under 40 can't have mammograms routinely.
    I am in my mid 30s and with family history of breast cancer ( my mum died 7 years ago from it) you'd think they would suggest I have them but no go!

  5. Like some other ladies here, I think it's wrong that we don't have them here until you reach 50. I'm sure the powers that be would say its a money thing but seriously, what price life?

  6. After reading the news this morning and listening to the talk shows - I could do a whole other post on this issue. And basically, it looks like it boils down to money. And the fear is that the panel's (funded by the government)recommendations are going to cause the insurance companies to quit funding them prior to 50; another fear is that this is just the beginning as the government is preparing this big healtcare overhaul. So we will see what happens.