November 9, 2009

Monday Mutterings

I have been very productive so far today.  What??  At work?  Ha-ha.  Ummmm, no.

So far today, I’ve ordered three Christmas presents (yay me – I really need to get on the ball here).

I have uploaded the photos from Hubby’s birthday party to Facebook and Shutterfly (you don’t know about Shutterfly??  Get thee to now.  It’s awesome – I am currently creating a photo book for my MIL’s Christmas present; super easy and reasonably priced – hmmm, I think maybe I should get paid for that endorsement, don’t you?).

I went to Target at lunch and bought new boxers, etc. that was requested by Man-Child.  Can someone please explain to me how it is that every single time I go to Target I spend at least $60.  I only bought enough things to fill one of my bags.  And, BAM!  There went $60.  ::sigh::

I scoped out the various lyrics of songs that Man-Child wants to download from iTunes.  Yes, I check the lyrics of every song.  Why?  Because some of them are terrible – and I refuse to just let him listen to whatever he wants.  He tries to tell me that the songs aren’t going to change who he is and make him start degrading women, using drugs and becoming a gang member.  No, they probably won’t – but still; he won’t hear them with my permission.

And before you actually begin to believe that I am a total slacker . . . I am not.  Life has been mighty quiet around here at the office.  Almost scary quiet.  The company is posting profits, etc. so that is good; but it’s been slow, slow, slow.  And I know from now until after the holidays it will probably stay that way.  So I have to fill the time somehow.  Do you realize just how long 8 hours can drag on when there is nothing to do??  Believe me, when I have work to do – that’s what I do.

Much to my dismay, I don’t have what I would consider “good” pictures of me with the new hair….but because you have asked so very nicely, I will post them anyway. 

DSCN0031 DSCN0019-cropAs my female friends know, when you get a new haircut it takes some time to figure out how to “do” it.  I’m still working on it.  But I think I like it; for now anyway.  Man-Child was pleased to see that most of the pink streak was cut out.  But he what he doesn’t know is I’m seriously thinking of doing another one….why, you ask?  Just to drive the men in my life nuts; for the life of them they just don’t understand it. 

Too bad I can’t be at home to channel all this productivity into all the things I need to get done around my house . . . because I know that by the time I get home all that productivity will be gone!


  1. Love your blog! (and the new haircut, although I know what you mean about it taking some time to get "comfortable" in).

    I always start off the day with the best intentions, then lose steam at work. I think that's the life of a working parent!


  2. Don't even mention Christmas please......I haven't got a clue what to get mine.

    Love the hair! It looks great, you look younger and it really suits you. :0) x

  3. Thank you all for the lovely comments. As I thought, I've come home and done absolutely nothing but read blogs (helps that both boys are out!). Yes, Christmas is weighing heavily on my mind right now; 1) because I don't know what to get some of the folks on my list and 2) money!

  4. Love the haircut! Very nice! And you look so happy!!!

  5. I love your hair. LOVE! It's very cute. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and will be able to do a faux hawk. I can tell you're jealous. :P

    And good job on getting started on Christmas!