November 20, 2009

Blogs of Note

Do you browse the Blogs of Note on blogspot?  Occasionally, I do.

Oh my.

I know I have found at least one that I now regularly follow (Kathryn - who is UTTERLY FABULOUS).  But the rest?  Really???

They seem to be very....(what's the word I'm looking for???) focused? 

One is called (I kid you not!) Owl Tattoos.  Now, I'm sorry if I'm just old-fashioned; but if you've seen one Owl Tattoo; you've seen 'em all.

Another one is called The Daily Nail.  Can you guess what that one's about?  Ummm, yes.  It's all about her manicure.  Really??????

Okay, i'm sooo not knocking other people's blogs!!  (Truly, whatever makes you happy....) But really?  Do these need to be deemed as Blogs of Note?  I think not.

Blogs of Note should include people who inspire; who are REAL, who make you want to come back for more!

Owl Tattoos - not so much.  Daily (or weekly or whatever) manicures?  Definitely not so much.

So, really?  What does it take to become a Blog of Note?  Because I have whole list of people who should be featured!  They are folks who have something to say.  They are folks who are interesting.  They are folks who I would love to meet in "real life."

So all you who "friend" me and all those I "follow/friend" take note - in my book .... you ARE Blogs of Note!

Much love!


  1. Owl tattoos??! is that for real?? And do you know what? I've never had a manicure in my life, so, sorry, but reading about someone elses would honestly keep me reading for all of about 0.01 seconds. Maybe thats just me though, no attention span! He-he...

  2. BM you haven't had a manicure ever?? You must! It's heaven! And a pedi? Oh my! Don't do it often-but when I do???

  3. Haha.. who consistently reads a blog about manicures? I can't imagine it.

  4. I haven't ever looked but I will now.....they must be random surely?
    I might just have a peep at those ones you mentioned as well, just because I'm intrigued now. ;0)

  5. I like this. Hopefully, I am one of your blogs of note. You are one of mine. I love this community we've all created!