November 23, 2009

Fall Trends that I am LOVING right now.

Sweater dresses!  I can’t seem to get enough of them.  With leggings and boots.  Fabulous!


Boots!  They go with EVERYTHING!  I will definitely be investing in at least one (or maybe three) more pair.

Statement Rings.  Really – how could you not love that?

Cardigans – especially the long and lean ones.  Totally love this look.

Skinny jeans.  These work for me much better than boot-leg or flared jeans – which just make my short legs look…well, shorter!  Plus they go great with boots, heels, flats, etc.

What are some of the trends you are in love with this season?


  1. I couldn't get away with any of that myself what with still having baby jelly belly!
    Award for you over at mine

  2. I agree on all except the skinnys I like them tucked in boots but I prefer long flared jeans I have long legs and they flatter them .. shows you we are all different


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