November 26, 2009

Sssshhhhh! They're hunting wabbit, errr, I mean deer!

I realize that I live "in the country" (kinda/sorta).  But really??

All evening long as I've sat out on the back deck (wrapped in a blanket and with a heater at my feet - cause I'm cold! But not ready to give up the back deck just yet-cause I'm still dreaming of summer) I have heard guns firing off at regular intervals.

It seems to me that these gunshots are awfully close.  Hopefully, they aren't and it's that sound carries (oh please! Let that be the case!)

I mean our area is fairly heavily populated.  How many deer can there be close by?  The way these guns are going off you would think that the hunters are seeing one every three minutes!  Are there hordes of deer hidden away that no one sees except for the hunters?

I am not a big fan of deer meat or hunting; but I kind of understand hunters.  I grew up among them.  I also understand the argument that if you don't "thin the herd" we will become overrun, they are a nusiance, they cause accidents, blah, blah, blah. 

What I do not understand is hunting on Thanksgiving day and so close to a populated area.  And I do not understand the repeated reports from the gun.  If you shoot at the deer and miss - don't they run away?  I'm sure they don't just stand there and let you take another shot.  I wouldn't!

But; it's Thanksgiving.  I guess for a lot of men (and some women) that means turkey, football and hunting.

For women (and some men) it means a huge mess in the kitchen, listening to football and hunting in the background.


  1. It's not a nice noise is it. We get a lot of hunting around here.....more culling though than hunting. The dog hates it.

  2. Yeah I agree that you shouldn't hunt close to houses, someone could get hurt. I'm fine with hunting so long as whatever a person kills, they intend to eat it I'm good though.