November 21, 2009

Can I get any more Ramble-y??? Probably not. And new Shoes!!!

So this is what my computer screen currently looks like:

Annoying, no?

But kinda cool in a way; abstract art you know.  Maybe I'll tweak it, blow it up and put it above the fireplace for posterity's sake.


Hubby is completely insane.  I thought I was the insane one in this relationship!  When did things take a turn?  Apparently, I mentioned ONE to many times, that we needed to dig up a tree stump so that we could replace the tree that died.  Apparently, I mentioned this at 9:00 pm.  Hubby then proceeded to dig up said tree stump; immediately.  I informed him that the neighbors were probably watching and possibly thinking that he was digging a grave; he didn't seem to care.  I'm tempted to completely hide out tomorrow just to see what happens (if I'm still alive by tomorrow, that is....).  But he totally rocks; because he DID it; in the dark!  There is now a dead tree stump in my garage (why??  It would probably be happier in the woods; I'm just sayin'); so tomorrow we can transplant a tree (and pray for it to live; IF I'm still here that is; YOU totally know what happend if you don't hear from me in the next few days!).

Man-Child is an awesome kid; even though he has left me with this horrible screen.

I'm trying (very) hard not to hold it against him.

Apparently, driving at night TOTALLY freaks him out.  I had him drive to the party he is attending tonight ('cause he has to learn; right?).  I think he did 35 mph the whole way there.  AND almost trashed a mailbox when an ambulance turned on it's lights.  Yes, I totally pretended to have a heart attack.  He informed me that the flashing lights distracted him.  I may not live to see him get his license (pray for me!).

I totally bought these today; although I'm having anxiety about cash lately; BUT in my defense they are totally CUTE; totally on SALE and I had a COUPON!  How could I say no????  What I'll wear them with??? Not so sure; they aren't quite "work" shoes....but they are beautiful and they called my could I say no?

Sorry; totally icky picure...but they are gorgeous; believe me!  Totally peep toe (have to keep my pedicure up!)  and totally "shiny" am thinking they will go with a longer skirt.


  1. Forget everything else the shoes are gorgeous !!!

  2. Oh..I agree with Wildernesschic. 'They called your name'? Haha..I now have a mental image of all those inanimate objects we lust over, calling out our names...Coo-eee!!

  3. Now there's a woman with my own heart when it comes to shoes.

    I have ten lovely pairs of high heels which I'm not sure I'll ever wear, since I live in a field, but they spoke to me and asked me to take them to their one true home.

    British mum to a mini Italian in Lombardia

  4. That poor laptop screen!

    I'm not a fancy shoe/heel person but nice shoes, I'm sure you'll look fab in them.